This is how I spend a lot of hours these days... Crawling on the ground, searching under the leaves, soiling my pantyhose. And this morning we saw a very handsome cuckoo sitting on the courtyard outside our house. We were almost sure. Roger! Remember?

Roger: July, August.


Green things are growing everywhere! Photos from Rosendals Trädgårdar, greenhouses and café, Djurgården, Stockholm.


Have been visiting Stockholm very shortly. Received the diploma from Svensk Bokkonst (who had also published the nice little piece of printed matter containing the prizewinning books).

Ivar Arosenius at Waldemarsudde!


Today the Bologna Children´s Book Fair begins. My two books are there. TÄNK OM... (What if... ) will be out in Sweden in a couple of weeks. KALLA FAKTA OM IS (Cold facts about ice) will be published this autumn.

Emi Guner bloggar om museum på dn.se


Windows from a small trip to Kalmar. A nice weekend.

"I Wake Up and Walk, First Reading the Obituaries": Maira Kalman on finding inspiration in ordinary things. March 23rd.

Estelle Hanania


Work day. And friday. This week would need a couple of more hours.
I´m not ready for weekend yet.

This is where I work. The children´s portrait in my windowsill is made by Berta Hansson, the black and white small things on transparent paper are originals from the ice book I´m working with at the moment. (I make all the illustrations this way, separate the tiny ink details and colour them in InDesign where I also put them together. Time-consuming? Yep. Wouldn´t there be an easier way to reach the same result? Definitely. For the next book I will find that out...)

3x3 International Children's Show Call for Entries


When I was a child I was fascinated by this very tiny book of mushrooms. At my grandparents place I spent a lot of time watching the illustrations and the handwritten notes on each page; Edible. Poisonous. Tasty. Delicious.
Since some years the book is mine to keep. And now I use it as inspiration for a spread in a children´s book.

The Mushroom House, Ohio, by architect Terry Brown.

The page (Roadside Architecture) from where the Mushroom House link was found, is a true mine of inspiration! If you are looking for images of donut signs, mini golf courses, giant insects, interesting places, bottle villages or fairy tale parks... It is really an amazing collection! The woman behind the collecting is Debra Jane, who also runs this blog.


Signs of spring.
Have you seen this? I also want to make illustrations in sand!


Have you seen the YouTube parodies where introverted male musicians have had their real solos overdubbed? I LOVE this kind of subtle humour! The dubbings (called Shreds) are made by Santeri Ojala, read more about the project here.

Paco De Lucia Shreds

Santana Shreds


Illustrations made for latest issue of Damernas Värld. An article about cognitive behavioural therapy.


Sunlight makes everything look new!

Letade på Blocket efter en kontorsstol, men snubblade över denna annons! Och denna.

Be.David Chainsaw Sculpture


On Saturday this car and its owner stopped by. Look at all the beautiful metal details outside and inside the coach! The switches, buttons, levers... Had to check out how it felt sitting there, behind the wheel.

The Old Car Manual Project

Cover, visitor´s guide to London, 1963

In print inspiration