A walk from home and around Kappemålagöl. AND I forgot to mention yesterday that a very nice musical surprice during the Monday night August gala was this man performing!!! (The clip from 1966, together with Lill.) Pure happiness!


Jakob´s book The Legend of Sally Jones won the Augustprice for children´s books on the gala yesterday in Stockholm!!! We are very happy!!! Read about Sally Jones in English here.


Come on, isn´t it time for a change? I have linked to this site earlier; Females in front. The amount of signatures is rising!

Morgonanekdot (in Swedish): En främmande man hälsade glatt på mig utanför kontoret i morse, med orden "Hej på dig, Tomtemor!" Har fortfarande inte bestämt mig för om jag ska ta det som en komplimang...


A problem of mine: I´m too restless. I think impatience is a disease. If only I could work faster. If only the week had more days, the days more hours and if the hours could last just a little bit longer...

Other possible problems: Unsure about what to wear for Christmas? Don´t know what to name your dog? Desperately want to be an Elf? (Last link found on LFTEC.)


Top pic: Nilssons Konditori in Oskarshamn.
Some of their recipes in this magazine. Page 13 to 19.

The (completely empty) humour-notebook I found at Shalom Second Hand. Somehow, it looked a little bit sad...

And leafs. Everywhere.


This book is so nice. I don´t knit myself, and knitting descriptions I unfortunately don´t understand. But that really doesn´t matter when the book is like... a bonbon! The pictures and the garments are gorgeous! Stickat och virkat, vintage på svenska av Birgitta Forslund.

See this wonderful Tom Waits-clip! Borrowed from my sister Anna´s blog.

And Ingela P Arrhenius has a new site, visit it here!


Places around Mörtfors. I´m happy walking to work in the mornings.

Shoes: Shoes and friends. (You can view them from all angles!)


Theatre in Mörtfors. Panikteatern came visiting us yesterday with the play Frieriet by Tjechov. Folkets Hus transformed to a Russian Guest House, with soup served by our friends in Mörtfors, all dressed in characteristic clothes. A very nice evening!


Mood montage for today atop.
And, forgot to mention the Mizuna yesterday! Best of all salad species. Nice to sow indoors as well. When light returns.

And last chance to see Ingelas 167 german actors today at Galleri Agueli!


Think the eyes need green these days. A small garden summation after this summer: The white poppy named Fluffy Ruffles showed up once more (pic 1). Aubergine (pic 2) developed nice pink flowers but unfortunately no fruits this summer. My favourite amongst green eatable things is the Portulak, Portulaca Oleracea (pic 4). Cauliflower (pic 5) is truly a good thing for your gardening self-confidence:) To see something as complexed as the cauliflower grow (and it is not difficult!) makes you happy and proud. By the way, cabbage is a hit! Borecole and red cabbage, raw in salad, woked, cooked and so on. And you can go out pick some cabbage leafs under the snow blanket in winter! Runåbergs Fröer (pic 6) has this irresisteble catalogue. Other nice things from the garden (pic 7) is the sweet cucumber Miniature White, the yellow bean and the Early Nantes carrot. Garden geekiness is over for this time. Definitely time for some indoor work!


I almost never read books nowadays. Truth is I stopped reading when I became a mother 8 years ago. Children´s books I buy and borrow, both for the kids and for myself. And on trains and busses I try to pick up a book that has more than 24 pages. Lately in Sweden there has been a bunch of autobiographical books released, written by well known male authors and I have felt very little interest in those. With one exception; Carl Johan De Geer´s book Jakten mot nollpunkten. This weekend I started reading it and I couldn´t stop. I was totally absorbed. This book is SO good. A chapter here (from DN), only in Swedish though. And it is illustrated.
I like the idea of illustrated books for grown ups.


Illustrations for a food magazine (Mersmak, Coop) for which I have been working for 2 years. I like it the best when I have maximum of freedom to make my own interpretation of the leader text. Process is always the same: Read text over and over, put it away, take my notebook for a quick walk, try to think without limits. Sometimes it takes more than a walk to come up with an idea. Sometimes it takes a walk, ten cups of coffee, a lunch in deathly silence, a trip with the car to pick up children, dinnermaking in deathly silence, putting kids to bed, watching TV with pen and a bunch of depressingly empty paper, toothbrushing. And maybe there, by the basin, when I finally give up the effort of coming up with something I suddenly know what to draw.
Or I don´t.

Have a peaceful weekend!

Texts from the top: Pic 1; Name in the tattoo is both a name of a swedish apple type and a womans name. Pic 2; Cod says: I feel so lonely. Pic 3; Fast food? Moi? Pic 4; Sand cake? Tarte Tatin. Pic 5; Eating alone? Pic 6; Here comes the food, kids. Guess what it is? Pic 7; What will we have to the Béarnaise sauce today, dad?

I like to know about the process behind the picture. So do you? Visit Process Recess. Created by James Jean.


Mood montage for this very Wednesday. Have a nice day wherever you are.

Nathaniel Klein, illustrator

2 small books by that same Nathaniel Klein


Colours and a ladder from this morning. And some book&print-links I like. Busy at work, inspired at work, AND today fridge is full of eatable things! Cheese, bacon and chocolate... Looking forward to this working day! Stay up late tonight?

Taschen Books

Analogue Books

Art Bureau

Tugboat Printshop

And my all time favourite; Napa Books