Look! A trace!

Have an exciting weekend!
More about (Swedish) animals in snow here.


A brand new day on Baker Street! Woke up this morning with that sentence in my head. Where it came from? Not a clue. The connection between Baker Street and Sherlock Holmes I´m aware of, but that´s all. Went down to look at the melting ice on the lake on my way to work and by the water, I found that SOMEONE has been gnawing on our al-trees. Who can it be? A true mystery for a girl in tweed, living on the countryside.

This site (in Swedish) is absolutely indispensable if you are looking for traces on trees!

Did you know that Robert Downey Jr will play S H in a new movie?

Do you also want to go for the total detective thing? Go for this?
Or this? For me the choice is clear:) This!!!

PS. Please email me if you know anything about creatures eating trees. Or if you have heard or seen something strange lately. The blue piece of rope in the last pic is not a trace nor a clue. I think.


Our house at the moment. Will be very fine when finished. Need some good links today.

3x3Magazine now has a blog.

Projects from Serrote.

Thanks A for this visit; Constança Cabrals inspiring blog Saidos da Concha.

Three in Swedish:

Ulf Stark skriver SÅ bra om författarfonden i DN Kultur. LÄS! NU! (Från igår, 25 februari.)

Lotta Lotass, Redwood.

Och se Uppdrag granskning, ikväll 20:00, SVT1.


Days in Sandviken. Walks and visit in Kungsgården. And our car has a wrinkled nose.

Going to Gästrikland?
Berglunds Bageri
Antologin Den ultimata flirten med Sandvikens kommun
Rosenlöfs Tryckerimuseum



At my grandparents place in Sandviken. I love spending time with them.


Winter. Snow. Holiday. Renovation at home. And a blog break for some days... Enjoy your week!


When I first saw a clip with The Bobcats (Who´s sorry now) I noticed the drummer Ray Bauduc for the first time. He plays with such a happiness and joy and drumming looks amazingly playful.
Ray Bauduc´s way of improvising while playing is truly inspiring, even for an illustrator who knows nothing about drumming.
Take a look at the wonderful part in the filmed recording of the song Big Noise from Winnetka (1943) where Ray Bauduc in his solo suddenly plays his sticks on the bass strings of Bob Haggart.
Ray Bauduc was born 1909 in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.
He died 1988.

Image from Cut to the Drummer-project. Some of my favourites from the show (that goes on until February 28):

Drummer Jimmy Carl Black is portraited by Calef Brown.
Drummer Charlie Watts by Timothy Cook.
Travis Barker by Sandra Dionisi.
Kenny Clarke by Greg Clarke.
Lenny White by Karen Greenberg.
Jon Bonham by Katherine Streeter.


Early morning walking to work. White outside, and quiet. Even the ice on the lake that has been singing and roaring days and nights lately, is silent.

Inspiring photographs by Nadja Bournonville.

Now. Will go back into my work bubble. Coffee, gouache, P1.


Fimo-clay-weekend. Tintin and Milou during bake-off. Tintin (made by my oldest son) in a meeting with David Olsson (made by my youngest.) The red tailed dog is named David Jansson. Last pic: Maybe the alarm clocks should be ringing? When the hypochondriac mother (me) gives this toy to her 6-years old for birthday...

Facts about anatomical models here.

Also out there looking for birthday presents? What about this one?


Illustrations for magazine Årets Kock (Chef of the year). The competition takes place in Gothenburg today. Today is also the opening for the exhibition CUT TO THE DRUMMER where I´m participating together with 49 artists. An art auction on behalf of the MS Society will be held tonight during the Gala Opening. Exhibit will continue at the Steam Whistle Gallery until 28th of February. Don´t miss! If you are in Toronto.


Too lazy to go out, too eager trying my new camera. Workday is already over, time to pick up kids!


Fruits in the bowl on the kitchen table at work today. A new week. New things to do. Love Mondays!

Stuart Kolakovic
. Also has a blog.

Never Been, the 9 meter long strip mural, is amazing!