I like this cover. Jesper Waldersten made the illustration. 
Ane Brun wrote and sang.

Ane Brun - These Days (video made by Jesper Waldersten, among others.)


A peaceful day. 

Animations to watch: A cat in Paris, El Rey del Mambo y la Reina de Saba (by Klaus & Kinski, animations by Gina Thorstensen, Nacho Rodriguez and Emma Kidd) and all the small films by Jenni Rope.


The last day at work before Christmas. And details from two books that will be released this spring. Cirkusloppor på luffen och Hårdkokta fakta om ägg. There has been a lot of insects on my work table this autumn and winter. (Last photo; inspiration image for my egg-book!) 
Missa inte! K special om Gregory Crewdson ( t o m söndag 23 dec)
Tack Åsa, för tipset!


Mörtfors at this very moment. -20°C


These days I forget things. During the last 30 minutes I forgot the cinnamon buns in the owen (twice), I did not notice the remarkable date yesterday (12 12 12) and I very much forgot about Saint Lucia's day today. A busy week. 
Look, such a great book cover. By great Emily Sutton!


You can buy this small print, or one of many other prints and illustrations, at Create & Donate. At the same time you will raise money for a good cause! Money will be donated to Doctors without borders / Läkare utan gränser. Webshop is open until January 1, and prints ordered before December 17th will be delivered in time for Christmas.


Illustration to an article for the magazine Utkik. 
Picture is a mix between visions by three Västervik politicians and my own, made-up, futuristic image of Spötorget, a square in Västervik, wich could need a little bit of... life.


Very much winter. And the children long for Christmas holiday. 


The do-it-yourself-candle-holder

So simple. And it instantly puts you in the right mood. 
Now you can make one of your own! 


Czarodziejski Mlyn (The Magic Windmill), illustrations by Teresa Wilbik.
André da Loba (again), small sculptures (or a mix between the work of 


This is the cover of the book I´m finishing these weeks. Hårdkokta fakta om ägg. (Something like "Hardboiled facts about eggs". Maybe?) Anyway, it's a book were you can find everything about eggs. 
And then I mean e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g!
The book (written and illustrated by me) will be published by Opal this easter. 

I am one of 31 illustrators representing Sweden in Bologna (Bologna Children's Book Fair) in March 2013.


Söndag. Trodde att det var första advent idag, men det var det ju inte. Grisljusstaken står redo.


From the sketchbook.

Links to other things: On thoughts, film by Andre da Loba, They draw and travel (illustrated maps from around the world), blog Phantasmagoria deluxe


A raptor made a visit when we were not at home. Sylvia (the blind hen), the tiny brown without a name, another brown one, and our very fine rooster, are now sadly gone. (Almost exactly a year ago we had the same kind of unwanted guest visiting.)
From now on, the rest of the flock must stay in the coop while we are at work. At least until spring comes and they can stroll freely again.
Some days earlier I followed the larger bantam hen (who is one of the four remaining) down to the lake, where she, for some time, had taken a daily walk (or run, in the shelter of bushes and rocks).
I saw her snuck in under the dinghy, and when I lifted the boat up a little bit, I found the eggs. 
Life. Death. Eggs. And football. The goals of Zlatan!


Nice and cold. Pictures from the garden this morning.
Really fascinating, this crowdfunding-thing, like the site Kickstarter.

The game Adventure for example, the most successful project on Kickstarter so far.


Två illustrationer för Reumatikerförbundets tidning. 

And some nice hats, made by Behida Dolic'