And Legoland. I have once, no twice, stayed at the real Göta Hotell, but the lego hotel is also looking good. After a day in Legoland, you fall asleep in no time.

Short film, Western Spaghetti. Saw it last year in Annecy, at the animation museum, and yesterday on tv (Panama). Like it!


Tivoli, Copenhagen. I fancy the colors, the signs and the lights.


A little bit of holiday away from home. Malmö and Copenhagen. So nice to see other things, eat in new places, listen to sounds different from the ones at home. More to come.

Malmö Folkets Park, 1944 (SVTplay Öppet Arkiv)
Affischer, Folkets Park


Happy s-s-s-summer! From me and the mosquitos.

Barry Kay, mosquito costume

Barry Kay archive


The notice board in Mörtfors is really crammed this time of year, and soon it´s time för Mörtforsdagen igen. (Årets affisch här.) The curtain embroidery in the doorway to the dressing cabin at the bathing place is made by my mother-in-law.

Mörtfors pensionat har ny hemsida.


Lunch walk. Everything is so silent today. Even the birds are quiet. Mixed links:

Garry Shead
Bread and Circuses, flickr
Sanna Nyström, Coutureskräddare


This book gives me hope! The Iron Man, written by Ted Hughes, illustrated by Laura Carlin. Fold out spreads, blank cuttings, brave illustrations. A daring publishing house. And the result: A book that you really notice. Can´t wait to read it!

Laura Carlin, ADC Young Guns and Pikaland.


Silk pyjamas and a sleepy chicken. Summer holiday has begun with lazy mornings and hens in the sofa...

My daguerrotype boyfriend, WHERE EARLY PHOTOGRAPHY MEETS EXTREME HOTNESS. Such a brilliant idea! Found on the always entertaining LFTEC.


The chickens seem to feel at home. A visit indoors at least once a day. Nice cackle, nice company.

Sarah Illenberger, Rubbersoul/Goodyear.

Göran Greider i Aftonbladet, om biblioteksersättningen.


An off and on book project of mine. At this moment I have been starting to think this will never be completed. There are so many small parts which need to be put together. Time-consuming. I wish I was a person who managed to work fast. But I´m not.

Jim Houser at Jonathan Levine Gallery

Illustrator Eugenia Barinova


Monday at work. Found a paper bag from Marabouparken, with a nice logo. Postcard with a motif by Hilding Linnqvist, an artist i really like. The small animal drawn on a piece of paper (in the last picture) is made by one of my sons.

Gertrud Rydbeck-Olson, and Sommarnatt, both painted by H. L.

Another Swedish artist, active during the approximately same time, Pelle Åberg (1909-1964). Cafédam med hatt.


Saturday breakfast at Mörtfors Pensionat (the guesthouse here in Mörtfors) again, with visiting friends. Could do this every weekend. Nice people, nice things to eat, in the nicest of surroundings.