A cool day in the archipelago close to where we live. Tjust skärgård.
No other links. Just sun. And clog-days continue.


Home-days. Beach-days. Clog-days. And small devils, an illustration from latest issue of Karavan.

Old Pictures.


The rubble from the area shown on the top pic will be removed to the heap on the second pic. A heavy summer project... Hopefully it will give me biceps like an amazon woman and, in the end, a small place for herbs.

Today it is summer. Garden full of flowers, and hockey players.

Jennie McMillen from my sisters site.


Working with books is the best. Two new ones are slowly progressing, and this third (illustrations by me, not text) will be out in late september. These wolf/fox illustrations are from none of them, but I feel like discovering something new. To lie on the floor, drawing and painting with no other goal than waiting for things to pop up.
Just like when I was a child.

Sarah Nesbit
Tyson Reeder


Living in the countryside, these daily animal meetings are happy moments! (When they take place far away from cars and roads.) This weekend, by our house: Mallard with ducklings, a horse in the distance, and a very curious weasel.

Grotesco - Bloopers med djur


Summer holiday! The children have been longing for this day. Rain is pouring down, but we don´t care!

Really like the 3D work by Irene Schoch.


Every weekday morning the village were I work welcomes me with this small lesson in geometry. And this handsome blue man smiles sweetly
at me by the door to my office.

Artist Books by Springtide Press

Jeana Sohn

Jonas Bergstrand

And Malena Ernman. The blog


Handmade Flea Circuses! Inspiration for work in progress. More to come...


Happy green days! The gravel road to the office in Mörtfors, things growing in the window sill, and the allium (soft ice cream-shaped) is from the garden. The name of the red cabbage is Red Express. Man in red cap is named David Olsson.

Analogue Books
Arthur´s Circus
Bakers Dozen
Eye Spy
= nice shops!


Modern English Humour(?) But the last comic strip is quite cute.

Favourite English Humour:
Smack the pony 1
Smack the pony 2
And another one here.


Found this book, Modern Danish Humour, printed in 1958, in a second-hand store. I really don´t know why I find it amusing.
Jokes that are not funny... Humour that once has been fun (?) but is no longer, because of the passing time.
Soon I will show you the essence of Modern English Humour.
Can you wait?

No 1 comic-strip drawing: The ventriloquist

No 2: The hitchhiker

Storm P. Museet


Flowers. Indoors. Summer has only begun!

Hannu på Kinnekulle

Tulip fields via Christian Barnard

Gunnel Carlsson
, kom tillbaka!
(Ett substitut, så länge: Trädgårdsriket.)


Ölands djurpark... (Öland Zoological park). Didn´t find the lions.

Something totally different:
Paul Rand via Planeta Tangerina.