Ronneby Brunnspark, Blekinge, Sweden. Some days ago.

Norway. We are so sad! And we think about you. All the time.

Hold together - Hold hands. Strengthen the chain here!

Ann Heberlein, DN, Vi får inte låta rädslan styra


This is one of the things about summer I like the best! When you can pick and dig up and collect things from nature or the garden. Chard is a favorite! (First pic.) Just to boil in water (with a little salt) for some minutes, then eat with butter, or some lemon, olive oil and sea ​​salt flakes. Almost as good as asparagus!


Some more pics from this Saturday. The cake buffet is photographed at Mörtfors Pensionat. (Nytt för i år, för de besökande barnen, var en inte-nudda-mark-bana, byggd av en av byns konstnärer i grönskan på Basarkullen. Den blev snabbt välbesökt. Och kommer att finnas kvar även efter helgen! Bild 2, alltså.)


Pictures from Mörtforsdagen 2011. The yearly event gathered more visitors than ever before! Beautiful weather, many nice things to do, see and eat. The duck race, a huge cake buffet made by the guesthouse, old mopeds, live-turnery, Cornelis in very small swimming-trunks, and a lot of other findings.
The last photo shows the work space for me and Jakob the days before Mörtforsdagen, the Community Centre, where we spend some hours hand lettering all the signs.


A cake, a parcel, a jug, a shadow.

Kannan är från Vimmerby Krukmakeri, men spontaninhandlad i butiken på Mörtfors Pensionat. Det händer f ö en hel massa i Mörtfors just nu, pilates på onsdagarna (utomhus!) och Mörtforsdagen på lördag. Välkomna, välkomna!


Mingling with flowers, cutting of dead branches and trying to discourage the chickens from scratching in the garden plots. Work days (without working gloves and secateurs) seem to be very far away, but now and then I really long for pencils and paper. Wish I was handy as Ingela. Her pink elephant is so very cute!

Also inspiring! This paper construction work ( look at TILLY & GUL) made by Fideli Sundqvist.


Clearly something went wrong when taking this picture, but anyway it came out... right! This is what summer feels like, for me. Hope you enjoy yours, you who live in summerish parts of the world!

The Found Photo
Online Museum of Old Family Photographs


Wanås. The sculpture park in Östra Göinge. Marianne Lindberg De Geer and her sound installation, the best installation I have ever experienced. Go hear! (Photos in this post are from other parts of the park, sorry I don´t remember the names of the artists.)

Donald Baechler, drawings.