The henhouse arrived some days ago! But how to prevent the mink, the pine marten, the badger and the fox from breaking in? What kind of sand do the hens prefer to bath in? Where do you buy litter for the clutch? When do the hens start to lay? And how do you tell them that it is time to go to bed, so you can close the door to the henhouse in the evening?
Yesterday night we went to a farmer friend and she picked out for us; four hens and a rooster. We took them home in a cardboard box and released them in the coop. We and the cows watched them curiously. At ten o´clock in the evening the four hen and their rooster suddenly decided to go inside and have some sleep, and 6:30 (sharp!) in the morning the rooster crowed!


I´m not a dog person. I have never been a dog owner. (When I was very small a badger-dog stayed in our family for a short time, but I only have vague memories, and some photos, of him.) But I like drawing dogs! And I need a small drawing-project alongside commission illustration. So if I find it fun I will now and then publish my (Swedish) dogs here. (From the top; a long-haired dog, a big dog and a small dog.) Have a nice weekend!

Ett annat slags djur; P2-fågeln.


Mr Indian suddenly showed up in my doorway. Such a nice surprise! I think the wooden sculptures made by Ingela are brilliant. And now I´m waiting for this book to be published. I KNOW it will be a classic.

The pattern is made for a book cover, but in the end I rejected it. Now I will use it for a tipi for my Indian instead.

Setting Up A Tipi

Native Fabrics


At the moment, days are filled with laser swords, newly awakened animals and perspiringly detailed work. And I´m desperately longing for going in to a bubble of new and untried projects. Or going here, to the Freud Museum. Found thanks to Emi Gunér, who writes so very inspiring about museums all over the world, on the (Swedish) blog Exhibitionisten at dn.se. (Emi also runs the blog Letters From The End Consumer.)

The Freudian Slippers at the Freud Museum Shop!


A book I read when I was a child. (Doj-Doj, written by Beppe Wolgers in 1969, illustrated by Lotta Silfverhielm.) Strange about this book is, when thinking about it, I remember bright and vivid illustrations. When I found it, it really surprised me that the illustrations are not very adjusted to children. (At least according to what we, grown-ups of today, assume children would like.) My memories of this book is that it was exciting, somehow mysterious and that it was full of noise, city life and... color.

Beppes böcker


Yesterday evening was a green evening. Friday morning looked like this.

Nice (Swedish) words about TÄNK OM... (What if...). Thanks a lot!


Worktime and not much of outdoor life at the moment. But tonight! Will stay outside this whole evening!

Go visit finelttleday.com!


Best of springtime: the tulips, the cowslips, the fritillary and the sowing seeds. The curious calves will in some year produce milk for Wirum Glass.


This mirror hangs on the wall in the People´s House in Mörtfors. An older time machine post from the Mörtfors days of glory.

Joost van den Toorn

En kontorists bekännelse


Pictures from an exhibition held in Mörtfors (last weekend) and pictures from the forest. Forest is a beautiful living room this time of the year!

K Special. Roy Andersson - Det är en dag i morgon också.


The internet is a great folk art collection. One link leads to another, and it never ends. Here are some personal favorite links, found on the way.

Tall, red sculpture by Carlos Rangel, from MOBA, Museum of Bad Art.

Paintings on cardboard, by Bill Traylor, from Just Folk. More Bill Traylor.

Bo Jangles top hat, jacket, vest and pants, from Joshua Lowenfels.

Adolf Wölfi Foundation.

Accidental Mysteries, vernacular photography.

Foundation for Self-taught American Artists.

Tjing! Ses på måndag.


Who are they? Where do they come from? Wooden men and women from my own small collection of outsiders.

Remember the Trapeze Toy? Have been looking for more by Earl Eyman. Found these, at Anonymous Works.

Earlier blogpost about sculptor Johan August Gustafsson.

And wonderful, wonderful animal sculptures by Jesse Aaron