Today, suddenly, I could ALMOST sense spring in the air! A bit optimistic, I know, but there was something with the light...
Only some tiny months left before you can order from here. Or here.

is updated.


Lazy days, at last... The star on the top of the Christmas tree is made by Harry. (Last year it was Bruno who made it.) The name of our beloved wooden Santa is Noppe.


GOD JUL!!! Merry Christmas!!!



This is what Mörtfors looks like right now. Everything is white and quiet. Only the swishing sound of kick-sleds passing by. We are trying to reach that feeling of peace and Christmas harmony even indoors, but have not really succeeded yet.

Worst Santa ever?

More here.


Utside my windows; all white and snowflakes keep falling. I like the paperbags for Apoteket (the Swedish pharmacy chain) made by Klaus Haapaniemi. And the nice Kung Steve-print by Thomas Fröhling!


Drawing in front of the tv (watching Star Wars) instead of setting about with my bookkeeping.

Lisen has a new blog!

based on illustrations made by Jakob.
(För Eon. Sidan tar en liten stund att ladda.)


Is this what I am looking for? Lego inspired JC in the sky with diamonds, Jean-Claude de Castelbajac. More Lego at the place of Lady Lixa.

Lego Mouse


Törnrosa is one of 25 awarded books in the selection of Svensk Bokkonst 2009 (Swedish Book Art). This really makes me happy! (Pressbild, Svensk Bokkonst)

And Jakob´s Teckningar från Antarktis is now available in the (Swedish) web book shops. (As well as Två Serier. You also still find both books in my shop.)


I want to become a little bit new. I want these.

T-shirts, Antoni & Alison.

Socks from Sweet William. (Please, make them for big feet!)

Via LFTEC and Bird & Banner.


Climate Meeting, Copenhagen. Hope for serious political action.

The documentary Sharkwater, svtplay.

Uppdrag Granskning, Vägen mot klimatmålet, svtplay.


Found some more Visby-pictures when going through my photos yesterday night. These are from walls and windows.

Family Portrait
by Brock Davis, found on For Me, For You


Work is absorbing, and fun! Focusing on polar animals, freezing points and igloos for a book that will be out next year (Opal is the publisher). A book about all the interesting things about ice. Graphicly inspiring are the factual study books from 1950 to 1960.


Bara tänk på allt socker som finns i världen!

(Just imagine all the sugar in the world! A listing of different kinds of sugar found on the kitchen table.)