From my windows at the office. This early morning the whole family had to ski to reach the village. With school bags and computers and a big rucksack full of shoes. Luckily the water on the roads (under the snow!) is standing down, and we can soon drive through the village. Some days ago our surroundings looked like this when a friend filmed his way to work.

Magdalena Cavallin, illustrator.


There has been much circulating around my work chair, lately. And I´m the one who has not been sitting down, doing the things I should. So from now... some focus.

The best documentary I have ever seen! The world according to Ion B.


No August prize for my book this time, but an exciting and very fun evening in Stockholm anyway! This year each nominated book was presented by a a person who had read the book, and who gave a personal and well-formulated short speech on stage. I was very happy about the words by Hanna Hellquist who talked about Tänk om... in a truly wonderful way. (Den vinnande boken i den skönlitterära klassen, Spill av Sigrid Combüchen, presenterades fantastiskt av Susanne Ljung.)
The necklace I wore at the gala was made out of a flea market find, a large enamel pendant, and a handmade silver chain created by a silversmith in Västervik, Studio Jungfruhuset. Love it!

We came home to a Mörtfors drowned under water.

Jenny Jägerfeld vann Augustpriset i barn och ungdomsklassen! Här ligger jag och blöder, Gilla förlag. Det låter som en cool bok, på ett coolt (och litet!) förlag! MÅSTE läsas!


The first photo is NOT from today. This day is more of an unhealthful piece of white bread being fogotten in the owen, over and over again...

Keep your fingers crossed for me and my book on Monday!


Jakob and I are spending two days in school, working together with the children for a cultural project. My group works with self portraits. Some portraits for inspiration, are from the top: Zinaida Serebryakova, Elaine de Kooning (from Even Cleveland), Tove Jansson, Maira Kalman (more here from flavorwire) and Annika Tosti. The three last photos are from the workshop today.


No worries. She's just playing! says the gentleman in the cap.

Yesterday, I borrowed a dog and took her out for a walk. The purpose was to get myself some inspiration for more dog drawings. The situation in the picture above did not occur though (other than in my imagination.)

A beautiful animated film, OCTUPUS, by Mari Ka Jo.


A card I have made for Barncancerfonden this year. (You can buy it both as a paper card and a digital one. And support the foundation that helps children suffering from cancer.)

My print for the Exquisite Book Project!

Barbro Lindgren, Kulturradion P1


The hens and the rooster are back where they came from. They will have a nice winter home at Eva's farmstead, and they will have someone to take good care of them. It feels a bit sad to see the empty henhouse in the garden, but disrupted life, and days away from home, is hard to combine with hen life at the moment. But soon is spring. And there will be cackel in the garden again! Picture shows Selma eating ugnspannkaka out of my hand, just before leaving.

Dagbok från hönshuset, Barbro Lindgren (Rabén & Sjögren)


I would like to stay in this house! Such a nice studio you could have in that room with the big window. But the house is in Denmark, the breakfast tray as well. Those were the days of champagne and glamour! Now it´s raining and snowing, and the coffee in my cup is ice cold. This gray day definitely needs some humor!

Really clever humor (in Swedish):
Grotesco, svtplay!


I just love hotel life! When I become young and rich I will stay at these places: Hotel Esplanade, Hotel Eggers, Brøndums Hotel and Hotel Pension Columbus. Often!
(The two last photos are from Skagens Museum. The picture wall with paintings made by the Skagen painters was moved from the dining room at Brøndums Hotel during the war, when German troops used the place as a gymnasium. The room full of paintings makes me think of Camilla Engman's wonderful wall of portraits, for young kids school auditorium. The long row of small paintings at the museum, representing the painters and their friends, reminds me of Ingela P Arrhenius' lovely movie stars).

Ingela's exhibition at Designgalleriet, Stockholm!


Days in Skagen. My life has been going on far from my work table for some time now. Nice food, slow speed and the best company, when turning 40. It could not have been better!

Skagens Museum