On Friday (tomorrow, March 1) my book Cirkusloppor på luffen will be out. It has been a great joy working with the writing and the making of the illustrations for this book. (Each illustration contains hundreds of small ink drawings, made by hand and assembled and colored in the computer.)

I would like to grab the opportunity to share some of my very best flea circus-links. (They mysteriously disappeared from my last blog post on Rabén's site last week.) Anyway, here they are:

Flea circus, Paris 1949

A great introduction to the world of flea circus, made by Tim Cockerill

All about flea circuses, Sideshow World

Commercial, Goodby, Silverstein & Partners


Still white. The snow that fell last week is slowly melting away. Yesterday, in the evening, there was a new smell in the air. Like after a summer's rain.

Favorite spoon made by Marie-Louise Sundquist 


A flea market find. Children's book with illustrations by 
A Maurice Sendak interview here. (In Believer.)


A week of school holiday is over. The days have contained a mix of work and holiday stuff. And the last semla for this year. (Foton bl a från Gesällbageriet.)


Sketches for an anthology. 


Den här veckan skriver jag på Rabén & Sjögrens blogg
Följ med mig dit och läs om en värld så liten att den bara syns genom förstoringsglas.

och Fredag
This week I am guest blogging (in Swedish) at my publisher's site.


Longing a lot for green things to grow! These indoor things will do until snow melts away and the soil gets warm again. (The last photo shows a peace of an amaryllis stalk.)
Två trädgårdsböcker som snart, snart, snart kommer: 


Jag ritar idag igen. 


Drawing these instead of working with the things I should really finish.
Och så googlar jag: snygg kopp, snygg kropp, snygg topp.


 I feel connected to the line drawing above. 
That is exactly how I feel today (except the mustache). So tired.
Drawing made by H. (Rabbit in a chef hat made by me.)
Liam Stevens 1 and 2
Och lite kul på svenska för trötta dagar: Skyltat


A part of my collection of small wooden sculptures. The indian is a treasured gift from Ingela. The other picture shows me astir. It's kind of nice being out of focus, after months inside the book bubble.
I like this packaging for rubber boots! Made by GOOD. Found via Sofia Erixon.


Ice on the lake and a nose on our door :)

Kami Mug Cup, design by Oji Masanori. (Also here, at Mjölk.) 


A tree that likes birds. 
Lasse Skarbövik has made great fabrics!