A lot to do. Find inspiration in the Olle Eksell-book (PIE Books) and the Åke E:son Lindman photo of Bruno Mathsson's work room.

Mikael Olsson, Södrakull Frösakull


Outdoor premiere for the chickens! A sunny evening in the grass, with strange insects, a big hen and warm sand to take a swim in. (They are now back in the basement again. Teenagers as they are, they stay awake all night, making a mess of their home and their table manners are not the very best. They are 5 weeks now, have lost their soft plumage and are in the middle of changing to real quills.) The bigger hens and the roosters are spending their days happily exploring all the garden plots. Nothing is left after their excursions, except overturned tulips, excavated bulbs and soil all over the lawn. Need a fence. Desperately.


A day in Visby! I'm happy it's easy traveling to Gotland from here.

Something else: Fox hat, a Magrittish umbrella and a trompe l'oeil laptop case. That is all you need.


The garden and the hens make you slow your tempo down a little bit. A garden and a hen never rush.

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The chickens have moved from the boring basement to under the Moa Hoff-poster in our hall. And they have grown! In three weeks time a chicken has already lost their egg tooth (the small spike on the top of the beak which they use when they break through the egg shell), changed the feather mail and learnt how to scrabble for food and to sit on a stick while sleeping.

They are still hard to catch on film (as they constantly move) but my favorite, Traste, is a true photogénique. (Handsome isn't he?! Or she?) And yes, we indeed live a very bird intense life at the moment. The small ones need fresh water at least 4 times a day, the are not very quiet at night when the rest of us are trying to sleep, and in the mornings Dunet waits barking outside our door, hungry and exacting.


I really like the new artwork made by Erik Heybroek. Erik showed his paintings/collages in Mörtfors this weekend and they are so good! Pieces from magazines and photos are mixed with painted parts and glued to the canvas. In 1961, as a 7-year old, Erik came to Mörtfors from Holland, and has actually grew up in the same house where me and my family now live. Above photos show the artwork in full, as well as smaller parts. Both very inspiring! (Click pics, please, to see them a bit better!)

Artikel om Erik.


Some photos from just before exhibition opening here in Mörtfors. My Ingamaj illustrations, and a row of seven dry-point men, printed on paper bags many years ago (and found in a drawer just this last week). The textile work is made by Christina Lokrantz. Next blog post: Erik Heybroek.

Dreaming about travelling? Brooklyn Flea


This weekend: the art event eart22, and the small exhibition in Magasinet, Mörtfors, 11:00 - 18:00, will take place in this part of Småland. And the guesthouse Mörtfors Pensionat will be open 11:00 - 16:00. Now you can order lunch (or locally produced ice cream!), and sit by the salmon leap and eat. (Photos from the guesthouse opening last weekend.)

Maria Raymondsdotter has a blog!

I love grey skies, blog


När mössen har öron stora som björklöv är det väl dags att beskära rosorna?


Preparing for this weekend and the small, annual art exhibition here in Magasinet, Mörtfors. The exhibition is a part of a bigger art event that takes place along the highway E 22 Saturday (May 5) to Sunday (May 6) 11.00 - 18.00. Will show a few prints from my book about Ingamaj. Come and say hello, if you are in the neighbourhood!

Also preparing for Mörtforsdagen (July 14). I am making the poster and the printed matter for an art lottery.

Ingamaj och Spill passar bra ihop, säger nätbokhandeln. Vilket fint sällskap, säger Ingamaj och jag:)