Project. Working on it these days. Fun days!

Links: Louis Renards sagolika fiskbok, Så Berlin and Stockholm sier by
Victoria Durnak and with covers made by Bendik Kaltenborn.


Some more gicléeprints made from the ink drawings made in India.
National Library Of Medicine, turning the pages online. I like the animal drawings in the book Historiae Animalium.

Seeing the sounds of the sea, spectrograms of whale song. (Guess the links was found on The Book of Barely Imagined Beings.)


Suddenly, everything is green. Life goes on outdoors. Nature must have been in a particularly good mood when creating the Fritillaria montana (the last two pictures). A check patterned flower! And my all-time favorite.

Red Hand by Elsa Mora

Ludovica Gioscia, installations


Some pictures from our holiday. Eggs! Of all kinds. And the chickens are from the children´s school.


Easter is a favorite. It contains many nice things. Like hens and chickens, spring flowers, eggs and chocolate cake. And if I remember, I will put a yellow cloth on the kitchen table. Easter is an undemanding feast. Hope you´ll enjoy yours, you who will celebrate.

Something for the weekend?
DIY Paper Flower Corsages
Paper flower rings


First pic: Should be sitting here. Pic no 2 and 3: But here I am instead, in the kitchen. At the office. Baking cookies. Last pic:???

Kalle Johansson
Elvaåringen, av Staffan Westerberg. Att lyssna på t o m 5 maj.


John, Jimmy, Jane. Ink drawings. Made for no one.

Beatriz Martín
New Factory by Yokoland
Bendik Kaltenborn


Spring weekend, things are growing and Hanuman is watching over the seedlings in the windowsill.

Wow! Laura Carlin (found via Jenny Florence.)
Laura Carlin is also one of many brilliant illustrators at Heart Agency.


Trying hard to think of new funny things. My brain is so slow today, weather is gray, the cookies in the kitchen are almost eaten. Time to think outside the cake tin? Time to take the note book for a walk?

Christopher Kane has been thinking inside his grandmothers yarn box. I like! (via Pattern People)



Look, an egg! So very perfect, and still warm when found. Sylvia and the rooster are back in the henhouse. Now we are waiting for some new hens and maybe some chickens. (Om du vet någon som har fina värphöns till salu, kontakta mig gärna. Adress via länken högt upp till höger.)

Textiles: VLISCO
Shoe print


Did I say something about not keeping so many things at home? That coming back from India wanted me to remove all unnecessary stuff? Well, that memory I can´t recall at all. Four parcels with plastic carpets, broken toys, cheap clothes I will probably never use, enamel bowls, sun-bleached textiles and other invaluable items from our trip came with the rural postman yesterday. Oh, all those nice things that are now filling up our place!

John Derian (look at their Moroccan rugs!), found on Mikael Beckman's site.


Suddenly; no ice on the lake in front of our house! How did that happen? And the lovage, the blue anemones and the toads, where did they come from? Where the grape hyacinth comes from I know. From Konsum Figeholm. (The white ones are my favorites this spring.)

Canales Aracil, flower sculptures, and Pete Dungey. (Both links from Mylla.)

Anki Wolter, vas och kopp.