For me; an ordinary Tuesday. For others; a struggle of life-and-death.

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Akutinsamling för de drabbade i Pakistan, Röda Korset

Free Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani!


Nature outside. And indoors. The decorated ceilings are from Säfstaholms Slott. Yesterday was the last day for the exhibition "HÄRTILL ÄR VI TVUNGNA", paintings by pioneer female Swedish artist from the beginning of the 20th century. (The sedum decorations are from Broderiträdgården, Katrineholm.)

Dagny, 1911.


A cover + an illustration, made for this book, written by Andreas Steinhöfel (published by Opal).

Have a nice weekend!


My sketchbooks are... dull. They are visually unamusing. I use them as idea catchers (and I write down shopping lists in them, and let the children scribble on empty pages when they are bored.) But I wish, I WISH, my sketchbooks looked like these! So great! Made by Yelena Bryksenkova. Website. Blog. Shop.

Found on Book By Its Cover.


I´m participating in the book From Orchards, Fields and Gardens, edited by Kerstin Svendsen. Book cover illustration by Anna Emilia Laitinen. Following contributors from the spreads above: Spread 1: Annamaria Potamiti/me, spread 2: Gracia Haby and Louise Jennison, spread 3: Gwen Shlichta/Sarah Rubens.

Mumin och havet, dokumentär av Margareta Strömstedt, SVTplay


Balloons... Indoors, and outside in the ditches. I like their expressions!

Other balloons give me the creeps... Balloon dresses
22 Most Impressive Things Ever Made From Balloons
25 Most Amazing Hot Air Balloons Ever


This morning: An escapee in the garden, and chanterelles spotted from the car while driving home from school.

Lesley Barnes, animation and illustration

Recension (Expressen) av Jakobs bok Teckningar från Antarktis


A sociable visitor at my office, this grasshopper who seems to have an interest in illustration. The drawn grasshopper is for this book, out in January.

Poklad starého brouka, illustrations by Alžběta Skálová

Baobab, publishing house in Prague, looks interesting
, though I sadly don´t understand Czech...


Slowly summer is fading. Schools are starting next week, but I spend some hours at the office now and then when I can. Just to notice the same old struggle. The lines when I draw feel too comfortable, the hand holding the pencil makes sweeps that I know too well. At the same time; I have forgotten what I´m serching for. I feel shut in. Have to go back, find something new. Making stamp-sized pencil roughs, hoping to soon get hold of... something.

In SvD (yesterday), reviews of both Emma Adbåges LENI ÄR ETT SOCKERHJÄRTA and my book TÄNK OM...


Fun, fun, fun! Things you can eat, that have popped out from the tiniest little seeds! The garden is good.

Becky Blair

Elke Ehninger


Had to brush up my (hardly existing) knowledge about Bockstensmannen (The Bocksten Man) after reading about him on Emi Gunérs blog Exhibitionisten. On my way to the history books I accidentally stumbled upon the picture of the man in carpenter skirt from a catalogue selling working-clothes. Have I just made an remarkable discovery?? Have I found Bockstensmannen´s, until now, missing brother!?

Bockstensmannen, Länsmuseet Varberg

Oscar Nilsson - modellmakare


1. Small (!) things I brought home from my vacation: Postcard, Revuegirls by Jeanne Mammen and tiny, tiny paper envelopes made by Mihoko Seki (bought at R.S.V.P.) 2. Need to do something about my workplace! 3. A nice billboard campaign I saw in Marseille. 4. Everything in the garden has been speed-growing lately. We feel like miniatures standing near the plots. We are almost a bit scared of the pumpkin. (Will show you a pumpkin-portrait later on!) 4. Always make the same mistake. I carefully label all the sowing seeds, and when replanting them I overestimate the capacity of my memory and throw away the name sticks. So; who are you, Cabbage?


The very last pictures from our trip.
In Annecy there is a lot to see if you are interested in animation and stop motion. In June the International Animation Film Festival is held here, and you will find exhibitions and a permanent museum of animated film in the town. On the top pictures we enjoy one of the animations (I sadly forgot the name of the artist behind the film.)
And I was in a sort of dadaistic mood that day... The last pic is from home. (The name of the sunflower is Chocolat.)