Sorbian Easter eggs and the eggs from the Common Murre are the most beautiful eggs I know.


Kinesiska teägg

4 ägg
En halv dl teblad (oolong)
eller 3 tepåsar svart te
3 st stjärnanis
1 kanelstång
3 tsk mörk soja
2 tsk salt

Lägg äggen i en kastrull med vatten, koka upp och koka i 10 minuter. Lyft ur äggen och spräck försiktigt skalen genom att knacka lätt med en sked (utan att skalbitar lossnar.) Lägg tillbaka äggen i vattnet i kastrullen. Tillsätt teblad, kryddor, soja och salt. Sjud i 30 minuter. Ta kastrullen från plattan och låt äggen dra i tevattnet. Ju längre tid desto kryddigare smak. Skala, och ät äggen när de svalnat. GLAD PÅSK!
Chinese tea leaf eggs. Salty and spicy. And they are looking good, too. Happy easter! 


And Isol got the Alma award! Vi gratulerar!


Back home from Bologna. The fair was inspiring, tiring and interesting in a mysterious mix. I really liked the exhibition (designed by Mats Hedman och Martin Jämtlid) on Swedish illustration, in which I had the honor to participate. Pic no 7 and 8 show my part of the exhibition, no 9 shows a painting by Emelie Östergren (from the same exhibition), no 10 a collage by Camilla Engman, and the last pic a detail from an illustration by Eva Lindström. (Camilla Engman and Eva Lindström both take part in another exhibition here. Last day to see the show is April 14th. If you are visiting Bologna, or if you live there; don't miss it!)


I'm on my way to Bologna Children's Book Fair. (This picture has nothing to do with the fair, but I have been keeping the photo in my computer for some time. This animal is looking... kind and interesting, I think. Unfortunately I don't remember where I found him/her.)


Birds around my office. The penguin is a shop display mobile for my egg book.

Oh those rugs, wow! Design Museum Shop. Jon Klassen Node Rug. Petra Börner Node Rug. Beatrice Alemagna Node Rug. And many more, produced by Node.


Winter! Surrender! We are done with each other now. 
Let spring take over. 


Missa inte de tre utställningarna på Fotografiska
(Henri Cartier-Bresson, Ruud van Empel och Anna Clarén.) 
Och missa inte filmen om van Empel. Lång. Men bra.
Really like the Banksy clips made by Cardinal Burns! More Banksy here and here.


Back from a trip to Stockholm. Have been mixing work with seeing friends and visiting exhibitions, and walking. Nice to be away but nicer to come home. Mid pic from the fine book shop Bokslukaren
(When photographing the sunny house wall on the fifth pic, a huge rat suddenly looked up from the dustbin just in front of me. If he had had a camera as well, there would be a link here to his blog or his instagram where you could se my very surprised facial expression.)


This morning (17 degrees below zero!) I thought I saw a flock of cuckoos passing by. But I must have seen wrong. May is the month when the cuckoo returns to this part of the world, so still it's a bit early to go out listening to their call.
But soon, soon...


Kom igen Lena (Adelsohn Liljeroth)! Och hallå regeringen!


When leaving for work in the mornings I lock the door to our house and feed the hens. If there are eggs in the nest I´m too lazy to unlock the house door and bring the eggs inside. I carry them with me to the office instead.
Man får väl ha höns på buss? Eller? (Artikel i Västervikstidningen.)


March 8, 2013


This week I'm out visiting schools in Västervik, talking about my books.

(Picture from last year. Two dogs. A big one and a small. Made by children in a school in Oskarshamn.) 


Hårdkokta fakta om ägg. This is what it looks like. Out now. I´m happy and proud!