Å Dalarna! 
Jobs Handtryck (skirt and dress from Jumperfabriken), a nice wallpaper from Klockargårdens Kaffestuga and Björn Berg at Zornmuseet, Mora.


A very newborn chicken! Yesterday we heard the pecking (and chirping!) sounds from inside one of the eggs in the nest. The two hens have been brooding for more than 21 days. We were not sure if there would be any chickens this time. Until we heard that pecking. Such a nice sound! Such a nice chicken! (Photo by Bruno.)


We are lucky to live by a small lake. 
Some days, it feels bigger than usual. 
Gray and windy days you can easily drift away on a pink air mattress.


The ducks have now started to give us eggs. Still not very large, but with huge yolks, perfect to use when baking. In the garden green things continue to grow. Everything is late this year, at least in my plots. The tomatoes are still green, and cucumbers are tiny. But I have harvested my first squash! Taking care of a garden is the perfect way to slow down. You can not speed up an eggplant, or bribe a runner been to grow tall.


I'm a chess mother. With that goes the privilege to follow your child to different tourneys around the country. This time it was Örebro, and Schackfyranmästaren at the Swedish Chess Championship. I'm not a cool chess mother. Too nervous to look when the children are playing, but extremely proud and happy afterwards! We celebrated with movie and pizza, surrounded by sculptures. The Chess Championship is over, but Örebro Open ART goes on until September 1.

Peeing sculpture in the first photo is made by Finnish artist Tommi Toija.


Den gamla festplatsen i Mörtfors. På dansbanan (översta bilden) har många dansat till storheter som Bennys orkester, Maxells, Farsans och Tomtélius. Nu ligger festplatsen öde. I den gamla tombolalängan förvarar vi skyltarna till Mörtforsdagen, noggrant invirade i påslakan och uttjänta örngott. 

Mörtforsdagen, lördag 13 juli kl 10-14!


One of the ducks sat on the roof for a whole day, looking out over the lake. Suddenly she flew. We didn't manage to lure her in. The next day we saw her far away on the lake, and the day after that she was gone. We did not see her for a week or more. Then suddenly one day, she sat on our pier. After a while, a piece of bread made her follow us to the hen house and to a sweet reunion. Now the two ducks spend some time by the water each day, but they always come back to eat and sleep. A nice summer life. For all of us.


Trying to work from home, but things constantly get in my way. 
Like flowers. And animals.
And I now have my own Pinterest!


Gbg: Evert Taube Museet, Liseberg. Sen vinkar vi av ett av våra barn från kajen. Det kommer att bli tomt där hemma.


A quick stop at Tage Andersen, Gunillaberg.