Art school days, a long time ago... Is that really me? That serious looking young girl in the first photo, not knowing exactly what she wants to do in the future. Remember the feeling of intense concentration in the white rooms, the sound of pencils, the smell of paint and turpentine. Pictures from a catalogue (made by Moa Edlund) for an exhibition at Gävle Konstcentrum when the art school in Gävle celebrated 40 years of existence. I was a student 1989-1991. The two men are Juho Suni and Bertil Bertell.

"Närig kulturpolitik. Sektorn där arbetslinjen havererar." Sverker Lenas skriver i DN. Läs.


Posting these small paintings of mine and reading about Elisabeths stove shelf project. Goo se her collection!

Small things, bigger scale: Anatomical teeth.

And Katja Spitzer draws a new lady every day!


At least, the food is in a good mood...

Nicely illustrated chocolate (Tack Å.)

Garden of Eden, soon you can sit outside!

This necklace, by Mati Rose


The cover on the top pic is made by me for a book written by Annalena Hedman. Min Första Världssensation (in Swedish), is a humorous story about a girl and her friends trying to reach a world record, of just any kind! The atmosphere in the story reminds me of another book, Hemliga Brev (Secret Letters from 0 to 10) by Susie Morgenstern. The both books bring out the same message; it´s perfectly alright being the person you are, whoever you are!
Cover and illustrations for Hemliga Brev I did some years ago.


So much winter this year. So much snow. Mörtfors is dressed all in white.

Agenda 2010, Planeta Tangerina

Cá em Casa Somos, Madalena Matoso

Hope Kroll. More here.

Richard Russell


Sometimes, impressions are too many. Browsing the image web search can make you end up in a log cabin in Illinois, 1804. Or behind a camera, portraying the tallest couple that ever lived... (Or the tiniest man??) When you are only looking for inspiration for a new commission.
The input section in my brain is crammed. Now I´m seriously looking for some output.

The Illustrated Traveler, Yale Library

Stormtrooper Papercraft Helmets (something for this weekend? You can make them yourself!)

13 Most Creative Alarm Clocks
(Especially WAKE n' BACON! "An alarm clock that wakes you up with the smell and sizzle of cooking bacon." Irresistible!)

La PhotoCabine


Bye bye butter knives with Santa motifs, bye bye Advent candlestick, bye bye Christmas tree. Welcome semla!!!

(Text says: Wow, it´s really perfect this year!)


These birds sat in the tree outside our window this morning.
Birds eat a lot.

Monty Python 40 år, svt play.

Ann Toebbe, don´t remember where I found the link.


First day at work 2010. Looking forward to this year. Hope you feel the same.

Ida Björs now has a blog


Drottningen av Saba


A new year. Snow. Icicles. Frozen lakes. A trip to my old home town.
I like the way Sandviken looked when I was a child. The Erskine houses, the mosaic adornment outside the bank office, the ironworks chimneys. The photo of the eight sweet ladies brings back memories to me; they all worked in the school canteen when I was very young. Birgit, Ebon, Ingrid, Ulla, Dagny, Anneli, Maj-Britt and Birgitta.