Czarodziejski Mlyn (The Magic Windmill), illustrations by Teresa Wilbik.
André da Loba (again), small sculptures (or a mix between the work of 


This is the cover of the book I´m finishing these weeks. Hårdkokta fakta om ägg. (Something like "Hardboiled facts about eggs". Maybe?) Anyway, it's a book were you can find everything about eggs. 
And then I mean e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g!
The book (written and illustrated by me) will be published by Opal this easter. 

I am one of 31 illustrators representing Sweden in Bologna (Bologna Children's Book Fair) in March 2013.


Söndag. Trodde att det var första advent idag, men det var det ju inte. Grisljusstaken står redo.


From the sketchbook.

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A raptor made a visit when we were not at home. Sylvia (the blind hen), the tiny brown without a name, another brown one, and our very fine rooster, are now sadly gone. (Almost exactly a year ago we had the same kind of unwanted guest visiting.)
From now on, the rest of the flock must stay in the coop while we are at work. At least until spring comes and they can stroll freely again.
Some days earlier I followed the larger bantam hen (who is one of the four remaining) down to the lake, where she, for some time, had taken a daily walk (or run, in the shelter of bushes and rocks).
I saw her snuck in under the dinghy, and when I lifted the boat up a little bit, I found the eggs. 
Life. Death. Eggs. And football. The goals of Zlatan!


Nice and cold. Pictures from the garden this morning.
Really fascinating, this crowdfunding-thing, like the site Kickstarter.

The game Adventure for example, the most successful project on Kickstarter so far.


Två illustrationer för Reumatikerförbundets tidning. 

And some nice hats, made by Behida Dolic'


Still a few things green. Or red.

Karin Cyrén. Illustrations in the book Paraplyresan


Out running for president!

Obama can't you tell - Cirkus Kiev i P3 tolkar Lili och Susie


Vad vore livet utan kontraster?


Walking around the lake in the afternoons, 
trying to catch the light before it's gone.


I love autobiographies and I LOVE humor. This book is about life and comedy, and how all the small steps and turns affect you. The urge of following a certain track, even if you, at the time, don´t know where it will lead you.

Steve Martin in the New Yorker