Walking, thinking. Thinking, walking. Brain is trying to get used to all this silence.

Saw this in a book today: pattern by Tyra Lundgren.


Pics from Visby, from the top: The view from my window, my favorite sign Skinndepån Äppelblomman, the lamp LUCHSIA made by Carpner, a misplaced (?) swan, flea market finds and a wall with a mustache. I will stay here for a week, working.

Are you in Stockholm? Don´t miss the Christmas Market, Bornmarker Showroom, Friday until Sunday.


Found these small drawings a couple of days ago. Looks as some kind of story, named Gåvan (The Gift). But who are those people? Why are their noses looking like boots? Why the dog? Is the dog the gift? The idea behind these sketches is completely gone. And my head is occupied with other things. Have a happy weekend!

Small film; Ramón by illustrator Jesús Cisneros

Jesús Cisneros at Pencil Agency


Inspiration! Textningar och illustrationer av Per Åhlin. (Plus snygg logotyp. Vem som ritat vet jag inte.)

Also inspiring. Pepper Spraying Cop.


Dark days need good links:

Record album covers, from Allan Peters' blog

Eames, from Mid-Centuria

Just i detta nu; 5 dagar och 2 timmar kvar att buda på litet stationshus! Design Sigge Cronstedt

Stockholm Bombay Project, från bloggen Form My Backyard


Gesällbageriet, Figeholm. Early weekend mornings you´ll find freshly baked pastries and home made sourdough bread here. In the middle of nowhere, far from bigger cities, hidden in a small back street. Chickens in the garden, a column of bread scented smoke from the chimney and fire in the fireplace. A perfect stop on a Saturday morning.

Bra på teve: Hälsa på hemma hos Lotta Kühlhorn, Designreportage svtplay.

Läkande liv med delfiner, URplay.


En hök kom och dödade två av våra tuppar. Det är sånt som händer, men det är ändå sorgligt. Två stora fjäderhögar, och i närheten av dessa låg tupparna. Rico under en hallonbuske och Choko under båtvagnen. Det var mörkt ute, och marken var hård, men vi begravde dem invid staketet till kohagen. Sen skrev jag en dikt. Den gick så här:

Två tuppar
Under jord och mull
En hök slog ner
Och slog omkull
Nyss var det liv
Nu är det död
Och vit, kall mark
Blir varm och röd
Nu skäller rådjuret
I skogens bryn
Nu kväker grodan
I den frusna dyn
Nu lyser månen
Över jord och mull
För alla döda
tuppars skull


Two of our roosters (Choko and Rico) sadly died a few days ago, after a hawk had attacked. We solemnly buried them in the garden and I wrote a small poem to the deceased (words in Swedish, above.)


Looking forward to this book by Annalena Hedman, the third about Abbe. The story takes place in the northen village Istermyrträsk, and contains a lot of humor and warmth. As always a joy to read aloud (not all books are). Recept för en flygtur will be out in January. Cover is made by me. (The earlier books written by Annalena: 1 and 2.)


Mörtfors, just around the corner to my office, 8 o´clock in the morning.

Säkert och KlunganCirkus!

Schyffert´s Photostream


Lika som bär. Kriminologen Leif G W och mönsterikonen William Morris.

Leif G W Persson är porträtterad av Ulla Montan.

William Morris kommer från Janette Bornmarkers blogg.


Yet another map for the Swedish dairy company Arla. Illustration by moi.

Here is a nice illustration by Catarina Sobral

and Nathaniel Klein


When school started after a long summer break earlier this year the children were asked to draw something from their holiday. My youngest son drew this. Maybe some teachers wondered, but the explanation is not as traumatic as it might seem. We had seen the musical Little Shop of Horrors, performed by students in Västervik, and that had made a strong impression (on all of us.) After that day the children are constantly looking out for a carnivorous plant to bring home, feed and nurse.

Steve Martin, in the dentist song from Little Shop of Horrors
! The leader of the plaque. How I like that!


Today I picked the very last flower (aster) from the garden. Now, not a single piece of summer is left. Therefore, in this post, some of this years bunches of flowers, just to remember there will come a new spring. Again.

Lindsay Carr, gallery and toys and a paper moon.