Nature smells good. And slowly the colours are changing. You can see the branches in the birch-trees turn red as they always do just before leafing. Saturday night during Earth Hour I went outside in the dark and two fallow deers passed me by so very close. The thuds of hoofs on the ground, and then the loud and spectral barking. Living this close to nature is never boring.
Top pic: Mörtfors Love Bench.

And more to love: Igor Kovalyov

Many wonderful animations to discover on YouTube. Milch (Part 1/2) for example. Enjoy!


At home there is still a lot of painting and stuff to be done. And sawdust and splinter is almost everywhere... We take a breather in the kitchen, the only place where you can find things inside drawers and cupboards. Kitchen is fine. Kitchen is tidy. Remember this sandblasted glass? Finally... it´s up.

Maybe these photographic tiles could be fun to try?


Hey grey, where is the green? Outside, looking for spring, but it is hiding somewhere. Trying to concilate spring by carrying my green bag but it doesn´t help much. At this very moment snowflakes big as mittens are falling from the sky.

Something for this weekend? Lars Arrhenius´ animations? The Man Without Qualites, for example. But it is a very sad story.


Finds from yesterday. A mummified Christmas decoration in the darkest corner of my youngest son´s schoolbag. And a whole bag of winning tickets!

And this nice link found on Book By Its Cover. Iris Schwarz! And her shop.


Back from a new trip with my picture book characters Hurman & Vesslan (their names translated into English will be something like Howie U. and the Weasel.) Have been visiting schools and meeting the young readers. Inspiring! Above; some nice drawings made by children in Råsebäckskolan, Hultsfred.

This book project is called Lässurr, wrote about it a year ago. Here and here.


Our white Volvo took us via Blekinge and Skåne to Denmark and back. Outside Odense we got to know Dansk Autohjelp when our car suddenly broke on the motorway, but the next day we could hit the road again and continue to Åbenrå to pick up our new boat. (A Megin. Looks like this. When renovated...)


A small blog break. Will be back with more pictures next week. Have nice days 'til then!

Jaakko Pallasvuo

And every hammock you have ever dreamt of...


Some nice Portuguese typography while working with book-inlay today. Font searching. And those things.

Greg Meadows Boneyard letters. More here.

at flickr.

And Mr Switch


Illustrations made for latest issue of Damernas Värld magazine, about fertility, difficulties of getting pregnant and different methods of helping couples to become parents.


Jakob went to pick up the boys from school, made a stop by the car mechanic on their way home and when returned to the car he found this tissue on the front seat...
(Saying: Hi Dad. We have escaped.)

A link about other little people (found on Stockholm Illustrations blog)

PS. Kids are back!


Illustration made for latest issue of the Swedish magazine Tecknaren, about copyright. The graphic designer says to Rune (something like this): Stationary and signboards we had an agreement about, but I´m not sure whether the application on your left upper arm really is included in the using rights...


Wrote the same last year as I write today: Solen! The Sun! Le Soleil! Die Sonne! Aurinko! Sólin! Il Sole! O Sol! El Sol! Slunce! Päike! Zon! Słońce! Sunce! 太陽! ήλιος!

The last pic is a loved painting from our kitchen wall showing the place where we live. Erik Heybroek is the name of the artist.


What I need today; a hairdo, easy to handle, that takes some initiative on its own.

And these links:
Jillian Tamaki
Jillian´s Sketchbook
Interview with Vivienne Flesher on Illustration Friday (from 2007)


Work done recently. Cover and illustrations for a book.

Acquaintances found through three by three illustration directory 2009
Aya Kakeda
Gina Triplett
Ward Schumaker
And Vivienne Flesher
I like!


Floorball tournament in Blankaholm, Saturday. Our ladies´ team struggled hard, came second last, but had fun. (And no, it´s not me, the person in the helmet.)

På Kulturhuset, Stockholm, idag kl 18; fest för den fria litteraturen. Manifestationen för bevarandet av en fristående författarfond startar på Mynttorget kl 17.

Mer här, Sveriges Författarförbund.