Outdoor fleamarket, Krokstorp. And some of the finds.

Duane Hanson´s flea market sculpture.


Gesällbageriet, Figeholm. Gesällgatan 2. A small bakery in Figeholm.

Figeholm, 1964.


Mörtforsdagen July 18. A really nice day, lovely weather and a lot of people joined. Thanks all of you who came to visit the market place, the bazaar, the duckrace, the Guesthouse, the exhibition... And you who took a boattrip with Aron, had grilled wild boar under the green trees and found a new favourite amongst the vintage cars outside Verkstan...
Welcome back next year!


Kaffegök med sällskap. Ett av mina kortmotiv. Sommaren känns bra!

One of the motifs from my cards in the shop. Summer is fine!


Mörtforsdagen på lördag 18 juli, kl 10 - 14. Välkomna om ni är i krokarna! Basar, kaffeservering, veteranbilar, visningsträdgård. I Magasinet visar jag, Erik Heybroek, Christina Lokrantz och Johnny Franzén bilder.
Läs mer på www.mortfors.se . Klicka på bilden om du vill se hela programmet! Hitta till Mörtfors här!

Mörtforsdagen! July 18. A day here in Mörtfors with lots of nice activities. Welcome if you are visiting the province of Småland, Sweden! Maps here!


Went to Kalmar. Saw the things above. The view over the castle looks like an old painting through the sun-blinds in the windows of Kalmar Konstmuseum.

Åsa Holmlund


Pic 1 (from the top): Bowl and forks, finds from the yearly arranged flea market in Mörtfors. Pic 2: Flea market crowd. Pic 3: Wild strawberries from the garden. Pic 4: Pastries (one-day-special!) made by one of the girls summer working at Mörtfors Guesthouse. Pic 5: Remnant from an outdoor wedding.

Hannah Morris
Erica Jacobson


New in shop! Place cards for fancy dinners, weddings, parties! Each bundle contains 24 cards. 12 flower motifs, offset printed in gold on
300 gsm uncoated paper, 2 of each motif.



The kids came in shouting; We must help the slow worm! It has made a knot of itself!
And they helped him. And named him Oskar. Now they are busy collecting worms and bugs for Oskar to eat.
And they know EVERYTHING about the life of slow worms.
The small elephant is mine. Happy to have found her. On Tradera.