Blogging has been out of focus for a while here, when other things got in the way, but I´m really looking forward to next year! 2012 will start with a new book from Ritförlaget, when I´m back at work in early January. Have a very nice Christmas, you who will celebrate!

The last link for 2011; a perfect Christmas animation, by Claes Jurander.


All of a sudden, I miss this desperately. The place where I used to do my yoga almost every morning during the whole summer. Now in December the days are just plain gray, or really, really dark black. Still need my exercise. Yoga indoors, running outdoors, in the gray. Have to. Otherwise I´m afraid my soul would adopt that very same sad shade...

Found these pieces of old website for Combo Royal, the band I had the great opportunity to be a part of, years back, together with Jakob and a bunch of truly talented musicians. (Click on the big square in the middle.) Jakob did the portraits, Anna Diehl the page.

WayBackMachine, where you could search for lost web pages.


Time is rushing towards holiday, but still there are much to do at work. Have been drawing some animals lately, like this sea turtle.

A link: Tiny Elephants Animation


From the top:
1. The forest where I used to go running
2. The forest where I used to take my lunch walks
3. The forest where I used to pick mushrooms
4. The forest where the blueberries grew

Ser f ö fram emot "Pappas pengar" i svt, med manus av Erik Haag och Sara Haag!


She inspires me a lot, these days! Mary Blair.

Pictures above from the book The Art and Flair of Mary Blair by John Canemaker

Magic of Mary Blair

Mary Blair Week at Cartoon Modern


Excuse my Swedish, but... det här tidningsomslaget säger ALLT! Tyvärr. Rubriken "Tiden på väg att rinna ut för klimatet" hör till en pyttenotis på framsidan av söndagens DN, och konkurrerar med en teaser (med jättebild) om ett författarpar, samt mängder av lockande smått och gott om resor och mode + en guide till nya investeringssparkontot. Förtjänar inte nämnd rubrik en helsida? Och vad händer egentligen i Durban? Det är väldigt, väldigt tyst. Det enda som hörs är klockan, som tickar...


My last day (a sunny day!) in Visby. Having the opportunity to go away like this is such a treat. It´s like a nice present to the creative part of your self, who will (hopefully) not whine and grumble for a considerable time to come. The centre, Baltic Centre for Writers and Translators, who has made this week possible, is almost to good to be true:)

PS. Glad to see that the swan (from my post nov 29) finally made it! How it managed to escape from that overdecorated window full of garter belts and silk corsets. A real achievement! And a happy end on this trip!


Norrgatt. They open early in the morning and they serve Shrove buns in December. That's my place! (And when you get stuck in writing, you can take a break and read some chapters in the book Livets Utveckling/The Development of Life, and just in a few minutes, your perspective is changed in a healthy way.)
Nanna Johansson has made an interesting interview with Liv Strömquist on the site FEM BILDER, jag menar Nanna Johansson har en spännande intervju med Liv Strömquist på sidan FEM BILDER. På svenska, då. Hittad via Annas blogg.


Walking, thinking. Thinking, walking. Brain is trying to get used to all this silence.

Saw this in a book today: pattern by Tyra Lundgren.


Pics from Visby, from the top: The view from my window, my favorite sign Skinndepån Äppelblomman, the lamp LUCHSIA made by Carpner, a misplaced (?) swan, flea market finds and a wall with a mustache. I will stay here for a week, working.

Are you in Stockholm? Don´t miss the Christmas Market, Bornmarker Showroom, Friday until Sunday.


Found these small drawings a couple of days ago. Looks as some kind of story, named Gåvan (The Gift). But who are those people? Why are their noses looking like boots? Why the dog? Is the dog the gift? The idea behind these sketches is completely gone. And my head is occupied with other things. Have a happy weekend!

Small film; Ramón by illustrator Jesús Cisneros

Jesús Cisneros at Pencil Agency


Inspiration! Textningar och illustrationer av Per Åhlin. (Plus snygg logotyp. Vem som ritat vet jag inte.)

Also inspiring. Pepper Spraying Cop.