Yes! It definitely looks as if spring is moving closer. Small things are popping up and green grass is waiting underneath the melting snow. Still ice on the lake, though. But a new kind of light, especially in the late afternoons.

Fler vårtecken:
Bokrea. Min bok Törnrosa säljs till ett mycket snällt pris. På nätbokhandlarna här och där.

Och imorgon, 28 februari, har Jakobs bok Legenden om Sally Jones teaterpremiär på Teater 23 i Malmö!


Have been away for a week, skiing with my family in Gästrikland, the province where I grew up. Sunny days, snow and nights of good sleep. I fell madly in love with those wooden men in the photo atop, two findings from Auktionshallen, Gävle. The birch bark box is from a small jumble sale in the café Gruvstugan, Högbo Bruk. When we came back to Småland, winter was gone. That means it is soon time to open the small brown paper bags from Runåbergs!

Idag sista dagen för Carina Bodströms utställning på Sandvikens Konsthall.

Anna skriver om den andra prinsessan. Mer på Arbetarbladet, "Sandra och Estelle".


Sometimes when looking at older work it's like stepping into a time machine. Suddenly you remember how life was back in those days, you can recall everything that was going on around you. These drawings are time machine drawings for me.


Hand-bound books by Studio Carta

Have a very nice Friday!



Small things. Just for the fun of it.

Katt Kan (Sanna Töringe & Kristina Digman)
Emiliano Ponzi, 10 x 10 (mer på Book By Its Cover)


Ingamaj, Ingamaj, du är utvald till Svensk Bokkonst 2011!
Min nyaste bok Ingamaj, utgiven på egna Ritförlaget, har valts ut som en av 25 "föredömligt producerade böcker, med hög teknisk, estetisk och hantverksmässig kvalitet" av Svensk Bokkonst. Urvalet kommer att presenteras på Kungliga Biblioteket från och med 30 mars, samt på flera andra platser i Sverige. Samt i Leipzig, Paris och Frankfurt minsann. Vi är glada! Göteborgstryckeriet tryckte, och Förlagshuset Nordens Grafiska band.

Hela listan med belönade böcker här!

My latest book Ingamaj, published by my own publishing house Ritförlaget, has been selected by National Library of Sweden to be one of 25 winning books for the competition Swedish Book Arts!


I'm not into drugs. I don't need a fancy car, expensive clothes or a mega-sized TV screen. But a day without Parmesan in the refrigerator makes me climb the walls. Some years ago I made a small logo for a tiny company who had just recently started to import some great Parmesan from Italy. Since that commission I have been hopelessly addicted. I love to go out and pick up a big piece of cheese directly from my mailbox! Some illustration jobs leave larger imprints then others:)

Vilt & Delikatessboden i Skyllberg!

(Cutting board made by Elisabeth Dunker, Fine Little Day. The rest of the pictures are from our flu days at home. Also chocolate cake and birthdays make everything feel a bit better!)


Eggs! We eat a lot of them.

Illustrator Venice Shone (found via Uppercase)


At night, almost 30 degrees below zero outside! We are lying in our warm beds, thinking about the hens in the hen house. We want to go out and give to them; blankets, pillows, a thermos hot chocolate, knitted socks. As always, it´s easy to transfer your own human feelings to the hens, forgetting that they constantly wear down jackets, tailor-made for cold nights. In the late morning, when temperature slowly has begun to increase, we open for Tuppen, Elvis, Dunet and Sylvia and they jump out in the snow, cackling as usual, looking for breakfast. And in the clutch, an egg is waiting. Newlaid and still all warm.

El Lissitzky (post from Design is history), The hen who wanted a comb

Vintage Primitive Cabin, on Etsy.


Still at home, sick. Outside the snow is falling. Lots of birds in the trees though, trying to find the snow-covered bird food. I am trying to read, as I´m too tired to work. And I look at pictures, and drown into this Greenhouse At Night-print (by Jeremy Miranda, via Inalux.)

Ingrid Vang Nyman var ingen gnällspik och krångelmaja. Bra skrivet, Gunna Grähs!


Almost all of us are at home, having a cold. Nice to sit at the kitchen table working, though. It´s like some kind of bonus time. Also fancy this parcel, covered with stamps!

Thank you Camilla, for nice (italian) words, over at Zelda was a writer.

This Sarah Illenberger book looks good! It is published by Gestalten