The garden again. Nothing as peaceful and relaxing as digging in the soil, carrying things around. Spades and rakes and bills and water jugs. The insect is a water scorpion. The last photo is from the garden belonging to my mother-in-law.

My agent Söderberg Agentur has a brand new website!


A new baby is born!!! Congratulations, dear sister! Congratulations, dear family! Welcome, Baby!


This weekend´s Royal Wedding in Sweden encouraged me to meet up with my own royal society and its staff. The crowd has been increasing since the last time I saw them...

Eva Hjelte has a blog!


I really wish I was the creator of this wonderful book! Birds, illustrated by Jeffrey Fisher, written by Christine Fisher. Chronicle Books. Inspiring!

Kass på fågelläten, du också? Träna här!


This egg thing is amazing! You bring your chickens the food that has been left-over from your dinner yesterday, and they give you perfect eggs in return. It´s fascinating.

Eco Friendly Hen Houses


A strange light there was yesterday evening. And it shifted in seconds.

Henriette Schuster
Hermann Junger


Work I really enjoy! Making a logotype is an interesting process. These three are (from the top) made by me for Lekotopia, Misterhults Skola and Females in front (an earlier EU-project, cutting across party lines, about choosing more women for leading positions in the EU.)

I like this logo.


More hairy men. The two first are participants in The World Beard And Moustache Championships in Brighton. The man in the bow tie is Wolfgang Reuswich, age 53, Backuaug, Deutschland. The man in white is unknown to me. The third man is king of the city jungle.

These links have nothing to do with the men above:
Historien om fire børn, en missekat og en kvanki-vanki, illustrated by Arne Ungermann Jørgensen, from Rilla´s photostream. One more nice illustration here.

Some Animals Are More Equal than Others, A Journey Round My Skull

Both links from Martin Klasch. As well as the great Lee lion.


Here´s a link to a wonderful site. Circusmuseum.nl. Posters, colour lithographs by the Hamburg printer Adolph Friedländer, circus photos, postcards... Go visit! (All images from circusmuseum.nl)

More circus at Circus Historical Society. (Just watch all the circus logos!)


Some more (very untranslatable) dogs. If I had a fancy dog I would definitely buy a pair of these comfortable and good looking walking shoes for the long vernal strolls we would take together.


Cleaning the henhouse, while the rooster and some hens are exploring the surroundings. The soft and perfectly built bird's nest was laying (empty) in the middle of the road on my way to work this morning.

These look interesting. Though expensive.


That morning light! I will not go to work today (either). In the evenings I have been fixing a new garden plot. Remember what the place in the second photo looked like last summer? My goal was to get myself biceps like an amazon woman (read Malena Ernman), but my upper arms are as weak and paltry as before all the carrying of heavy rubble...

In the two last pics; newly found flea market purchases.

Antikstopp Småland