The best of Barbro Lindgren, anthology just recently published by Rabén & Sjögren. My spreads above. Many of my favorite illustrators are represented; Emma Adbåge, Camilla Engman, Eva Eriksson, Olof Landström, Sarah Sheppard, Charlotte Ramel and many more!


I´m a large consumer of transparent paper. I need to use an empty sheet for every illustration and a brand new roll is job boost. A roll of transparent paper, some cookies and good programs on the radio. Three things I like at work.

(See the fly in the last photo? She has been working with me at the office for a couple of weeks now, very eager to take close looks at my insect drawings.)


Cake with the character I created to the children´s blog for the library in Västervik. Pictures from an opening ceremony at Västerviks bibliotek on Saturday. 


These days I´m making the last changes in this book, Cirkusloppor på luffen (Circus Fleas on the run, or something like that in English). It will be published by Rabén & Sjögren in February. I like all the parts in the book process, but the very last weeks of working, a well-known feeling of seriousness suddenly pops up. The feeling is strictly dressed with a tightened tie and trousers with creases. All the details need to be checked, says the feeling. The originals must be completed, the choosing of paper has to be made. There is no turning back. I´m not totally a fan of that feeling while working, but I know it has to be there, right by my side, for a while.

(Please Blogger, give me back that old line spacing of yours!)


September, september, september.

Nytt barnboksförlag; Urax!


When visiting Poland this summer I was happy to stumble upon some interestingly illustrated books, like this one! Wędrując po niebie z Janem Heweliuszem, written by Anna Czerwińska-Rydel. The bright illustrations are made by Agata Dudek. (Who also has a blog.) The luminescent colors and the uncoated paper makes you notice the book.

More about the illustrator on Polska Ilustracja Dla Dzieci. Also a nice interview with Agata Dudek in Uppercase, issue 14.


September is a kind, and not very demanding, month. Life is easy. No icy roads, no dark afternoons, no snow-broth on the streets and still the air is warm and friendly. The leaves are yet green. Everyday routines make you go up early in the mornings. Just so you will not fail to see the mist drifting over the uncut lawn, or a visiting horse inside a wild apple tree.
September, don´t leave on the 30th! Please, stay some more weeks.


Yet another job. For Forskning och Framsteg and their magazine Språken. Nice working with spreads like these first five, where each spread is an introduction to a chapter about a specific Nordic language! I have been trying to choose views where I (as much as possible) have been able to pick colors from each country's flag. (From the top: Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Iceland)

Mossornas vilda sexliv. I senaste F & F. En rubrik som biter sig fast...


The recently renovated Jesus fresco in Borja, Spain finds its original. In the remote forests of the Democratic Republic of Congo!

(Photos borrowed from AFP + Noel Rowe/Scanpix.)


Illustrations for the library in Västervik and their new site for young visitors. It is nice working with vignettes, to choose colors and make the images match. I also like a clear brief combined with a nice portion of freedom, just like in this assignment.


One day last week we found this tiny egg in the clutch. We think one of the Bantam chickens has now started to lay eggs. The three Bantam hens are smaller (and brisker) then the other chickens. Almost impossible to catch on film! (The ones on these pics are the two bigger ones, the white hen Agneta and the not yet named red rooster.) They all grow extremely fast! On April 27 they looked like this.

Modern Coop by Wright Design Office. More.

Tiny Texas Houses (for people). The Worker House.

New note on my news-page.


Three from here. Zucchini with company (Tromboncino, the tiny trombone, can be 180 cm/70,9 inches!) Fishing nets on the wall. And a smashing car visiting Mörtfors.

I live a safe life. Others do not. As heard on the radio today.

P1, Studio ett, idag onsdag.