On, and along, my walls at work. 2 links: Gosia Machon and Anastasia Elias (the last one via Wiksten).


Found a small head of red cabbage in the soil, under brown, dry leafs. Snow is almost gone and cranes are gliding over the roof of our house. Spring is good. And soon you can eat things from the nature!


The couple made by Ingela are now living in Mörtfors! And a nice book about ceramist Lisa Larsson (Arena) is waiting to be read. This weekend!


Some of the ink drawings I made in India have turned into giclee prints, in colour. It´s nice to work with images that you don´t know exactly where they will end.

Coming home from India has been pretty ok, so far. Strange only how quick the feeling of every day life takes over, pushing the memories aside. But I miss the sweet delusion of not being surrounded with so many... things. Only the clothes you wear and a little more, one set of drinking glasses, no pictures on the walls, two pair of shoes, no messy drawers. Not a lot of unnecessary stuff. It was a good way of living for us. Everyone took such good care of small things, as they had to last for a long time.

Illustratörsmässan c/o Illustration (där jag medverkar) pågår lördag 26/3 och söndag 27/3, Biblioteksgatan 10, Stockholmo.


From the mail pile on my kitchen table: Three by three illustration annual no 7 (where my book "How to get an idea" is participating.) Cover and illustrations for poetry book, "Jag är lust och jag är längtan" by the Swedish poet Erik Axel Karlfeldt. (Published by Karlfeldtsamfundet. Layout by Eva Kvarnström.) Cover for Annalena Hedman's new book about Abbe, "Den skräckslagne stekelsamlaren".
Art project in Värnamo Nyheter, as a countdown before the opening of the art and design center Vandalorum. I was one of ten contributors, with my print Kalla Rätter. Åsa Jungnelius, David Svensson and Lisa Bengtsson were three of the others.


Japan, constant on my mind. Don´t miss the auction over at Ingela's place!


Think I could get used to this way of living:) Escape winter, coming home to spring, a pile of letters, a tidy house and with bags full of memories! No feeling of the India-blues yet. Guess that the spring light really helps. Air is crunchy. And everything is so very quiet.


Slowly on our way home. Back to the white and grey. Bye, bye colors!

Röda Korsets katastrofhjälp till Japan.


More things I will miss. 1. The ornamentations. On walls, trucks, everything. 2. The sunsets. And while looking at them, not rushing with dinner making or schoolbag packing. 3. The coffee in metal mugs. 4. The flowers. 5. The temples. 6. The combinations of patterns. Especially the way men mix checked shirts with flowery lunghis. 6. The wall paintings. 7. The colors. Where you least expect them.