This will be my last post for a couple of days. Hopefully I will be able to write something when we land in Trivandrum, India! The bags are (almost) packed, the house is (almost) clean and tidy. We are all very excited!
Happy new year to everyone! And thanks for stopping by!

(My webshop will be closed until the beginning of April 2011.)

Jag är intervjuad hos min favoritbokblogg Bokunge, läs här.


A lot of packing has to be done, as we are going away. To India! We will leave winter (and -22° C) behind and move to Kerala for two and a half months. Daytime the children will go to a small Swedish school in a village named Odayam, while Jakob and I will write, and work on new things. At least, that is what we think. But as none of us have been to India it's a bit hard to know what to expect.

Anyway, I earlier received a scholarship that I now, will use a part of, for this travel. And hopefully I will recharge my creative batteries, see inspiring new things and also just... relax. I feel very happy thinking about a change of environment, and the whole family is so much looking forward to this adventure. I hope I will be abel to keep you updated!

But first, the never ending cleaning of our house, for the friends staying here while we are away. And the writing of lists, and packing. But soon, I think, we will be on our way!


You can not hide from Christmas, can you?! Have some calm days, you who celebrate. I'm dreaming of reading a book in our hammock.
Such a nice dream.

Julboktipsett: Prins Charles känsla av Liv Strömquist
Julboktipstvå: Jakten mot nollpunkten av Carl Johan de Geer



Weather at the moment is fascinating. Outside today it's minus 22 degrees Celsius (-8° F)! Layers of warm clothes on. The drawing in the middle is a sketch made for a book (not out yet) containing Christmas songs.

Sarah Sheppards MASSOR AV DINOSAURIER, för iPad


Cleaning the basement, with the intention of getting rid of things I should not keep any longer. But instead I get stuck in the mess, finding strange and forgotten pieces that throws me back in time. And I keep almost everything; notebooks, letters, my first commissions, things from when the children were small. And this box full of photos from when I was 18 - 19 years old, a time when I spent a fortune on photo booth pictures. The photo on the lid is a photo of my grandmother.


Violet skies from yesterday morning. Today it's snowing again.

Gunna Grähs får heffaklumpen! Det var på tiden.
(Artikel i Expressen här.)

Boktips från mig på Rabéns hemsida.


Pictures from a cold walk this morning.

Era Inverno (Winter book), by Aoi Huber-Kono


It's Friday. And I want this dress. Sadly there are no shops in Mörtfors, so I have to draw a dress on aquarelle paper and think of something else. Happy weekend!

Niki Jones Vintage

Agence Eureka

Lockwasher's homemade robots!


Nature's got talent! These formations are from Mörtfors today. The water is receding, but the ice remains on tree trunks and twigs.
An exciting exhibition curated by Winter itself!

More ice: Shapes of ice, photographs by Camille Seaman.


Illustrations from Tecknaren (5/2010), about the tax authorities. (Sorry, can't translate the text.)

(Den mittersta bilden handlar om avdraget för representationskostnader, som fortfarande är 90 pix per person.)

Tidningen Tecknaren har blivit så bra! Här kan man t o m köpa lösnummer. Senaste numret (nr 5) läggs nog snart ut.


ICA, I didn't know we were such close friends. And I'm not so sure I feel comfortable with you noticing that I have constant cravings for capers, the medium sized ones. Obviously, you know me better than I know you...

Mörtfors, ny hemsida! Skapad av mig och Anna Diehl.


First pic: Three of my windows in the house where I work. Maybe it looks a bit dull from this angle, but inside it's cosy and warm. And the house still looks pretty much like this. Second pic: When reaching the village this morning, I felt as if I was about to enter the red carpet, just rolled out for me in the slope. Thank you, driver of the gritter!
Third pic: The corner of our house, early this morning.

Artists in residence, svtplay


From my windows at the office. This early morning the whole family had to ski to reach the village. With school bags and computers and a big rucksack full of shoes. Luckily the water on the roads (under the snow!) is standing down, and we can soon drive through the village. Some days ago our surroundings looked like this when a friend filmed his way to work.

Magdalena Cavallin, illustrator.