What is this new sudden urge of challenging myself. A strong restless desire of doing new things, new scary things. Closing in on the age of 40 might be the answer, but why do I keep on searching for classes in the subjects that I fear to most?? Like improvised theatre. Or things like this.

Mime Practice Exercise: The Rope and the box.

I´m afraid of clowns and pantomimers too...


Friday. Partyday! Must be celebrated. Lucky me, in one of the kitchen shelves, this soup was hiding discretely behind seriously looking cans of mackerel and tuna. Soup package says promising: "Festive Soup".
So... party can begin!

Have a nice Friday, you too.

, by Kat Östlundh.


Just some links. Take a look at:

The dream drawings by Rachel Salomon

Paper work, Kako Ueda

James Gallagher
, collage

Missed Connections, by Sophie Blackall

(Ink drawings above are made for an exhibition some time ago.)


Reading Bergets Döttrar, written by my sister, Anna Jörgensdotter. The book is good, so good! The details, the feeling of a time passed, the smells and all the colors... Story takes place in the surroundings of our hometown Sandviken. (Postcards from Sandviken, from one of my drawers.)

Something else:

Lyndie Dourthe

L.D Anatomie

L.D Boîte à trésors

L.D La Boutique


"Autumn is a second spring where every leaf is a flower". Said Camus. This portrait I made a long time ago for a magazine. Found it in a drawer yesterday. Now I blush when I see it, and I think; that magazine was bold when they chose to publish it. Similarity to the person portraited SHOULD at least be some kind of top priority when making a portrait... Where on earth did that nose came from?
IF deceased philosophers read blogs: Sorry, Camus.
Hope you´ll forgive me.


Autumn in the air. Time to concentrate. I really like the covers of these old photo magazines.

Also like this! The description says: Ist das Kunst? Ist doch Wurst!




Illustrations, latest issue of Damernas Värld. Article about face blindness (Prosopagnosia). Interesting to read about. Must be stressful for the ones who has to deal with it in daily life...


Found this dress in a second hand shop some days ago. Instant love! The fabric is hand printed and the dress is tailor made, one copy, with nice details, as the removable upperpart and the clothed buttons.
Came home, tried it on, couldn´t wear it! Grrr...
So, if you like it as much as I do, and if you are a small 38. (Think that means a small size 13 in U.K / small size 11 in U.S) let me know, and I give it away for the cost of shipping. E-mail address above my link list.


Alf Jarnestad, Blekinge Museum, Karlskrona. Artikel i DN.


News from Ritförlaget! The first book printed in two languages, is now in the shop! "Hur får man en idé, egentligen?" / "How to get an idea" is a small book printed in two colors, a celebration to creativity (or just a story about the transience of catching an idea.) A part of the illustrations have been published on my blog earlier, but this is an extended version, and Nota Bene, it is based on a true story!


Last pictures from the Småland car trip. Inspiration everywhere! The cat tells the time, the dragon is a so called "boddrake", that protected old stores from bad things. Next: "kraghållare" (självreglerande!) and a very neat and clever fence made of Salix.


Visiting open gardens - a real treat for your soul. Three first pics from Huseby Bruk. Basil growing at Linnés Råshult, Diö. (Råshult also has a very nice café!) And the name of the dahlia at Kurrebo is Musette.


How I wish that cap had the right size for me, but it was too small. Like it? Got a head more petite than mine? Cap still hangs here.
And Ingela, the last three pictures are for you. Antikt o Design Orrefors. Think you would like that place. Don´t miss the second shop just behind the main building!


The shops at the glassworks don´t make me happy or inspired. But the glass museums do! At Orrefors and Pukeberg, for example. I like the storytelling ornamented glass, and the happy feeling of a time when so much was possible, and fantasy was truly encouraged.

Edward Hald


Glashusen, Kosta. Bruno Mathsson.