More ducks! Soon Mörtforsdagen will take place here in the village again. Come visit Mörtfors on July 13. This year also with locally produced crops from Bondens Torg!

Årets program här.

(Ursäkta bilden.)


We have recently become duck owners! Two female Muscovy ducks are now living together with the hens, the chicken and the rooster. They are good at flying, they move extremely slow and hopefully they will eat snails. And look! The chicken has got a new dress! Swell feathers, aren't they?!


Man RayMjölby Konsmuseum + folkkonst på Hallands Konstmuseum + ett brunnslock. 
Och så hemma igen!


A trip to Halmstad. 

Skulpturen på sista bilden är gjord av Lena Cronqvist.
12 oktober börjar förresten en Lena Cronqvist-utställning på Liljevalchs! 
Och just nu, på Hallands Konstmuseum, pågår en fin utställning med Georg Oddners bilder. Öppnade idag, pågår till 8 september.


This weekend. And now the rain is pouring down.
... her blooming fabric
... her Kleidersachen!


Outside, this morning, before walking to work. The peony is from my grandmother's. I dug up a couple of plants from a flowerbed at my grandparents' place in Sandviken when me and my family moved to our house in Småland. Every early summer I'm happy being able to pick and smell small parts of the garden where I used to play as a child.

I'm repeating myself, I know, but... Mizuna! The best thing to grow early in the summer. And a delicacy.


Two chickens are now sadly one. One disappeared on a short walk from the hen house; maybe there was a raptor. Or a snake? The two mothers are now sharing the upbringing of the only offspring left. 
Life is hard sometimes. Especially if you are a chicken.


A nice visit to Skälshult Gård, a small homestead in the forests of Småland, quite close to Mörtfors.
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Hectic days. Soon there will be sommarlov, and work days seem shorter and shorter. I´m working with different things; books and patterns and drawings and receipts sorting. Jumping between projects, trying to remind me of that thing called patience.