I really like the drawings and the collages (and the sculptures!) made by Claes Jurander. These pictures are from a book called "En blev du", Gidlunds/Chalo.

Jurander hos Optimal Press


Pictures from Sandviken that I have seen all my life. The first one is from the library in Sandviken, a huge painting that I have always loved, made by Rune Hagman. The second one is from my grandmother and grandfathers house, a Sven Ljungberg-lithography, hanging in their bedroom. Like that one too. A lot.

Ljungbergmuseet, Ljungby

Gävleborg läser, min syster Annas bok


On my way home from a visit to my old hometown Sandviken, and to Stockholm, where I used to live some years ago.

Titta, vilket fint blogginlägg om Kenneth Andersson! På Jeanette Mildes blogg.


Made a swop with Marie-Louise Sundqvist the other day. Sent a book, got these wonderful items, a spoon and a happy hook! Sunny at the office this morning!

Stuffed animals, Natasha Fadeeva

Nice bag, ModCloth. And tights.


Sketching, sketching. It´s like a disease, this suddenly occured need of buying new types of pencils, new sheets of paper. And I also bought these! Finally found new high-heeled ones. You have to look tidy in the woods these days, when you could run into the Kings of the Forest just any time.


From my sketch book. Searching for new lines and structures.

Have you seen/tried Inkling?


A cold morning. A happy rooster. A rimy winter squash. And two nice carrier bags. The first with a motif made by Emma Adbåge, the second by Eva Hjelte. Both derived from some former Hönö-shopping.

Now I will put on some music and start to work. Studiomusic. If you're wondering about what others are listening to while working.


In the afternoon, sat in the sun for a while, looked out at the clear blue sea. Such a nice place, this Salt & Honung. Hönö.

Baka Hönökaka?


Hönö. An island in the Gothenburg archipelago. Will talk about my books tomorrow and the day after that. Not here in Hönö, but nearby. Want to hear the seagulls? Smell the lobster? Do you have a desperate need to explore what it must feel like being a fisherman in polyvinylchloride-coated (yes, I checked it up in the dictionary) trousers? If so, Hönö is the place for you.

Anna-Clara Tidholm i DN: Barn är förvisso små


A month ago I wanted to draw a court jester. This is how he turned out (first pic). Not a very friendly member of the Royal paper bag family.

EFTERLYSNING! Om du skulle råka hamna på ett litet eller större lager bruna papperspåsar av detta slag (85 mm x 195 mm, bredd 40 mm) är jag väldigt intresserad av att köpa!
Maila mig gärna!


From glass facings in Stockholm to pumpkins at home. We went to see this show. Liked it very much! And we came home to a monstrous giant pumpkin with tinier friends, hanging around in our kitchen. On the train I read Jag är jag by Emma Adbåge. That, I liked a lot, too! Go buy, or borrow.

This also looks interesting, First in Line, by Mattias Adolfsson, published by Sanatorium