I love my job! Browsing through pictures like these as inspiration for a book I´m working with. And reading about the life of the inuits.

(Pictures from here and here.)


Late night work. Photos from the lights in the village after a walk in total darkness from home. Sounds of animals in the woods. Last week a wolf was seen in our neighbourhood. Not much energy these days though. No links.

Ok, one:

The Climbing Tree (film), Jenni Rope


Two days in Stockholm last week, both of them gray, rainy and intense. Svenska Tecknare arranged a whole day of seminaries about animation, 3D and graphic for games. The rest of the visit I raced to and from meetings and gatherings, at the same time thinking about how the quantity of REALLY small dogs and REALLY high heels had increased in town since the last time I visited. And then, on Saturday when I was on my way home, sun suddenly appeared! I was so taken by surprise I forgot to pick up the camera:)

Bokförlaget Opal har en bilderbokstävling för dig som är född på 80- eller 90-talet. Missa inte!


Hazy yesterday morning.

Silhouette skirt

And the pillows made by Elisabeth!


Visby-details from this weekend. Now time for work. Mondays are fun days!


Two ink drawings made for two friends earlier. Playing with different materials is truly fun!

Artikel om Törnrosa i Västervikstidningen (11/11)


Found these flowers (snapdragon) in the greenhouse this morning. Still a little bit of summer left... A small children´s drawing, and the view from my worktable here at the office.

I have made a special pack of my cards for Little Paper Planes.

Found on the blog of LPP:

Simon Evans

Ruth Marten


How I adore the illustrations of Katja Spitzer! We made a swap the other day, and the parcel I received was full of beautiful things.

And from my mother I got the breadbaskets in the last pic. I bake a lot of bread, and these baskets spice up the baking. I promise.

Jäskorgar finns här, bl a:
Bagaren och kocken
Sök på "jäskorg"


It is such a grey Friday here. Hope you´ll have a happy weekend!

Fika med Mia Öhrn

Serietävlingen, Kemi


I don´t think I have shown you these 3, or? They are not new, but they sum up many of the things I like when working. A theme is always fun to explore. Hair is very interesting! Working in a free way, without making a sketch first, is always thrilly. You take a deep breath, put the radio on, and you never know where the brushstrokes will lead you. And the coloured backgrounds is so much more fun to paint on, than scary white demanding paper sheets.

Spanish illustrators: Marta Antelo
Pablo Auladell


My days at the moment; researching for a new book and constantly forgetting cinnamon buns in the oven. A small glimpse of a book I have been working on for a long time. It is just on its way to the printer.

Knitted for newborns

Ett samtal med Elita
, Sveriges Radio P1


Poster (Kalla Rätter/Cold Dishes) is in da shop!