Will there come a day when a woman is photographed like this, wrinkled AND attractive? Or is that day already here? Still looking for proof, though. Promise I will show you when found!

Meanwhile I´m waiting for this.

Looking at photographs by Juliana Harkki and by Grant Ernhart.

And paintings, Kelly Allen.

Inspiration Resource


The event Cut To The Drummer is coming up! The show is arranged by Bepo & Mimi together with the MS Society of Canada and if you are in Toronto on February 5, go for tickets here! I will contibute, and so will these artists. (But I, in person, won´t be there at the opening. I wish I could.)


4 of the contributing illustrations from the exhibition at Berns (which I wrote about in my last post.) First one is mine, second one (The Supremes) is made by Erica Jacobsson, the third (cancan lady) is made by Ingela P Arrhenius and the last one is by Moa Hoff. Click on the pics to see them bigger! All the 14 prints made by the illustrators at Söderberg Agentur are also for sale, printed in a smaller poster size (paper: Fine Art Etch, 300 gsm. Size: 50 x 70 cm.)
Interested? Just let me know!


Exhibition goes on until March 31. Here.


Me and my illustrator friends at Söderberg Agentur show our prints "Berns During 24 Hours" at Berns Salonger, from this afternoon until March. In Stockholm that is. Welcome! Jonas Bergstrand has made the invitation.

Läs mer om utställningen på Kolla-sidan, Svenska Tecknare.


When I came to fritids last week to pick up my sons, the whole group of schoolchildren were busy creating their very own powerbooks! One of the kids came up with the thought of folding a leaf of A4 paper like the ones above and everyone got inspired. The preschool children worked so hard to get all the letters on the keypad correct...

Cirkus Kiev i P3, apropå gårdagen (ljudklipp.)


My camera is broken. AND my back-up camera also. Spending this weekend without one feels empty and strange. Saturday started with speed skating on glistening ice. Sunday ended with sauna all alone, surrounded by snow, wind and darkness. Ate far too many semlor betweenwhiles. Illustration above is from an earlier issue of Damernas Värld (Swedish magazine).

Napa Illustrations!

And Sara Illenberger again.


The war in Gaza has been going on for 20 days. News yesterday evening is giving us the horrifying facts that one-third of the people killed and injured are children. A child, seriously wounded, in a hospital bed tells about how she got shot while looking for her mother. The image of that girl refuses to leave me. Catrine Ormestad writes in Aftonbladet about the people in Gaza trying to live some kind of everyday life while the bombs are falling. (Link from Annas page.)

The Middle East conflict, year by year. A summary made by SvD.


Hurry up! 800 homeless cats are looking for new homes! Photographed at Hjulet, Mönsterås. And don´t miss the fantastic documentary Mulishani, Mulishani made by Johan Palmgren. See it on SVT Play.


Two top pics: Finds from Lisbon flea market. Was so happy when I saw these books (which are actually stage plays) with their beautiful covers and tiny black and white illustrations (middle pic)! Another nice connection was Planeta Tangerina, the small Portuguese book publisher behind these books! The three on the photo are made by Isabel Minhós Martins (text), Madalena Matoso and Bernardo Carvalho. And the last pic; just love the wrapping of whatever you buy in Lisbon shops! (This parcel contains a small cake from a bakery.)

Yara Kono

Illustrar em Portugal


Kakel, tiles, azulejos! In Lisbon you see them everywhere! On the house fronts, on the interior walls, on the floors. And you hardly ever see the same pattern twice.

Museu Nacional do Azulejos

More about mosaic tiles on the blog In love with Lisbon


More from places in Lisbon like these: the former Expo area at Oriente and the Oceanarium, one of Europe´s largest. A small and very hidden indoor swimming pool at a rooftop in central Lisbon. The amazing bar Pavilhão Chines in Bairro Alto. More on Flickr here. And some thrilling geocaching in the dark on New year´s eve!


Walking in Lisbon. Been there once before. Want to go there again. Will show you more tomorrow!

In love with Lisbon. Blog by Lily.