It might be the best gardening book, ever. 
Inspiring, informative, good looking! 
And I made kimchi. 
Recipe in the book. 
(A similar kimchi recipe here.)


It's that time of the year! Things are growing everywhere. Wood anemones out in the hursts, snowdrops in the lawn and chili and cucumber and cabbage and tomatoes in the window sill. 
Some favorites of mine:
Mizuna, plant now. Outside, under fiber cloth.
Allium cepa (luftlök), first pic. You plant the bulbs, and eat the green that grows above ground. 
And coriander


There is something missing, and I know what it is. The pantskirt. The perfect garment, the missing link between pants and skirt, between masculinity and femininity. What does it mean, that a pantskirt is so hard to find these days?

Pantskirt pictures borrowed from Rusty Zipper.


Today, at lunchtime Aubergine and a knife. 


After this long and cold winter the hens and the rooster are happily exploring spring. They hardly have time to eat before they race out in the garden. They take long strolls in the cow pen, and follow me around when working in the plots. The very first day of spring, Babs (the only remaining bantam hen, mid pic) suddenly decided to give that brooding thing a try. After a week she suddenly got tired of lying in the clutch, without eating or drinking, and stepped out to join the others in the sun. But after just a couple of minutes she was hunted back in again, and since that moment she has stayed flat on the eggs. 
Will there be chickens, we are all wondering? I'll keep you updated. 

Elvis, in the first pic, is tame as a kitten. Loves to lie in the sofa, loves being cuddled with. When stroked under the beak she closes her eyes and purrs...


Den 25:e och den 26:e maj är det bilderboksfestival i Galärparken vid Junibacken, Stockholm. Jag läser ur Cirkuslopporna på lördag 25/5 kl 14:30 och 15:00. Och signerar kl 15:30. Ulf Stark, Per Gustavsson, Martin Widmark, Nina Ulmaja och Klara Persson är också där på lördagen. Och Lucy Cousins. Och Bröderna Lindgren.  

På söndagen fortsätter festivalen. Hela programmet här.

(PS. Ingela P Arrhenius har gjort den snygga tygkassen. Och håller workshop för alla 4-8 åringar. DS)
Världsbokdagen idag, förresten! Läs och fira! 


What is this? 
What are these people doing there?
 Where did I find this picture?
Yukiko Duke om Cirkusloppor på luffenSVT.
(Ca 12 min in i programmet.)


My self-portrait from the exhibition on the Bologna Children's Book Fair a couple of weeks ago. (Click for a little bit bigger.)


Lars Wallin. I ankomsthallen, Arlanda. 
1996 fick han Guldknappen. 2013 har han tilldelats... lampknappen.

Och nu är det helg!


The last New York pics. Seen through windows.
Now; time for the annual bookkeeping. This year with a spice of jet lag.


Spring in the streets of New York. And some vintage china.
American Folk art Museum. (From June 11 until September 22 there will be an exhibition of the work of Bill Traylor!)


Wow, New York! 
So exciting to come visiting. So much we saw. 
So extremely much we did not have the chance to see. 
Thank you hotel, for giving us a nicer view than what we did pay for. 
Thank you weather for not raining. Thank you feet for all that walking. 
And thank you spring, letting us know that you are (finally) 
on your way!


Two animals that are unfortunately gone since a time back; the elephant bird and the moa. The moa (in the first three pictures) lived in New Zealand until the 16th-century. The elephant bird (in the last drawing by Walton Ford) was running around on the island of Madagascar in the 17th century. None of the birds could fly, and both laid eggs larger than rugby balls. (The first image is a montage, made by someone I don't know. It's easy to imagine that this is what it could have looked like, a not so very long time ago.)

Om dessa fåglar och många andra, skriver jag och ritar i boken Hårdkokta fakta om ägg.