Little Big Books, published by Gestalten. I´m one of three Swedish illustrators participating. (Camilla Engman and Stina Wirsén are the other two.) More (image no 3 and down): Narges Mohammadi, Simona Mulazzani, Violeta Lopiz and Laurent Moreau.


Look who I met in Västervik late an evening this week! The hedgehog! I have not seen one in so many years, and sadly thought they where gone. Then suddenly I ran into this one in the middle of the city. Served it small pieces of cucumber and tried the best I could not to scare it.

Vad igelkottar INTE äter.

Om igelkotten.


Garden life is good these days. I love looking at the things that, after all, came out well. A fence is protecting the salad, the chard and the carrots from the hens. A row of cow cabbage turned out to be... cauliflower! But regarding the green house I surrender. A mouse is my defeater, eating all the tomatoes just before they turn red. The mouse climbs up the stalks, puts its teeth in the tomato, and erodes it completely until there is only a thin shell left. We met one day, when I was watering the plants. The mouse looked healthy and rosy-cheeked, wiping his mouth with his paw. He, or she, gave me a triumphant look before running of. We both knew so well who the winner was.


I can´t stop looking. Feel like stepping inside those paintings. Look at the small white dots in her ring! Look at the facial expressions of the dog! Look at the men, so full of... hair! Thank you all the great museums (like this one and this), for letting me rub my nose into the surface of your masterpieces! Without triggering the alarm.

Rembrandt With A Broad Nose

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Travelling home, after a very good time in Sandviken and Högbo. The two last pictures are from Nordiska Museet, Sthlm. And the tattoo on my arm (mid pic) is a fake one.

Nordiska Museet söker frisyrer!


I´m slowly on my way to Sandviken, where I have been honored a very nice cultural prize. Family is at home, schools begin tomorrow. It is me and my huge bag, getting on and off different trains and busses. Meeting friends along the way. A pleasant ending of this summer!

En liten intervju, Arbetarbladet.


1. Nice colors. 2. From the National Museum of Gdansk. 3. A stop along the way (Poland) 4. Cakes! 5. Wolf's Lair 6. Rain at Mörtforsdagen
7. And a lonesome pizza on a trailer


Pictures from this summer: 1. We live by this lake. True luxury!
2. Preparations for Mörtforsdagen. 3-5. The castle Malbork in Poland.
6. Nice coffee on the ferry to Gdynia!


A long vacation is coming to an end, and things are slowly going back to normal. Summer has been good, but spending time at the office will also be very nice. And still there will be some sunny days left, I hope!

From today I have a new website. The address is still the same, but the shape of the site is brand new. You find it here.
Anna Diehl has helped me with the programming. Thanks a lot, Anna!