A lot of packing has to be done, as we are going away. To India! We will leave winter (and -22° C) behind and move to Kerala for two and a half months. Daytime the children will go to a small Swedish school in a village named Odayam, while Jakob and I will write, and work on new things. At least, that is what we think. But as none of us have been to India it's a bit hard to know what to expect.

Anyway, I earlier received a scholarship that I now, will use a part of, for this travel. And hopefully I will recharge my creative batteries, see inspiring new things and also just... relax. I feel very happy thinking about a change of environment, and the whole family is so much looking forward to this adventure. I hope I will be abel to keep you updated!

But first, the never ending cleaning of our house, for the friends staying here while we are away. And the writing of lists, and packing. But soon, I think, we will be on our way!