Suddenly she didn't want to leave the nest. Late an evening we found her, the tiny brown hen without a name, in the hay while the others as usually sat on their perches. The next morning she was still in the same place (now in company with Agneta), and for the whole day she did not move. Under the tiny brown, 6 eggs were hiding. Two of her own, one from Agneta and three from the others. (It was not easy to take a look. The tiny brown turned her tail feathers up, sizzled and tried to bite.) I called a friend who is a farmer and ask what to do if a hen suddenly, in the autumn, decides to become a mother. The cold would make it very difficult for the chickens to survive, and I was given the advice to remove the eggs. (And throw them away as you could not eat eggs that a hen has started to brood). Hopefully there will be new opportunities for maternity in the spring!