Only some days left for us in India. So now we try to drink as many glasses of fruit juice as possible before we go home. I no longer wake up when the morning prayer from the mosque starts early in the morning while it´s still dark outside. Days are getting warmer and warmer, during the early afternoon hours you just have to sit down somewhere, close to the sea or to a powerful fan and try to breath. Sun makes everyone and everything slow. The only ones that seem unconcerned are the ants. They hare from the one corner of the room to the other, take a shortcut over our bed spread, carry away dead giant insects and tiny crumbs. The last days they are happy to have found the way to my computer. At this very moment they run up and down through the small interspace between the keypad and the key buttons. They are very small, red and quick. And many. I am gasping in the heat, totally chanceless.
Photos from the place where we are staying. The small painting is another one of my Indian gouache portraits.