If you come visit Mörtfors, you would soon notice the sculptures hiding in the gardens around the village. A roe deer peeps out behind a liliac bush, a gnome resting in a leaf heap, a stiff lynx appearing in the morning haze. I like them a lot.

Sculptures are made by Ivan Sällberg, born 1912, a former barber, who started working in cement after a snowman he had built for his children sadly melted, and he wanted to make the kids happy again.
In Solstadström, where he lived the last years of his life, you could meet them all; Astrid Lindgren, Olof Palme and his assassin, Snow White and the 7 dwarfs, the Laplanders outside their hut... And out in the reed, the King of Sweden is still happily fly-fishing. After Ivans death many of his sculptures landed here in Mörtfors, thanks to his daughter. And they fit in so well in the environment, filling the gap after Tarzan...

Still, many of the sculptures disappeared from Ivans sculpture garden after his decease. No one really knows where they are now.
And I can´t stop wondering. IF someone recognizes the work of Ivan, I would be so happy to know. Please contact me.
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