When I first saw a clip with The Bobcats (Who´s sorry now) I noticed the drummer Ray Bauduc for the first time. He plays with such a happiness and joy and drumming looks amazingly playful.
Ray Bauduc´s way of improvising while playing is truly inspiring, even for an illustrator who knows nothing about drumming.
Take a look at the wonderful part in the filmed recording of the song Big Noise from Winnetka (1943) where Ray Bauduc in his solo suddenly plays his sticks on the bass strings of Bob Haggart.
Ray Bauduc was born 1909 in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.
He died 1988.

Image from Cut to the Drummer-project. Some of my favourites from the show (that goes on until February 28):

Drummer Jimmy Carl Black is portraited by Calef Brown.
Drummer Charlie Watts by Timothy Cook.
Travis Barker by Sandra Dionisi.
Kenny Clarke by Greg Clarke.
Lenny White by Karen Greenberg.
Jon Bonham by Katherine Streeter.