A brand new day on Baker Street! Woke up this morning with that sentence in my head. Where it came from? Not a clue. The connection between Baker Street and Sherlock Holmes I´m aware of, but that´s all. Went down to look at the melting ice on the lake on my way to work and by the water, I found that SOMEONE has been gnawing on our al-trees. Who can it be? A true mystery for a girl in tweed, living on the countryside.

This site (in Swedish) is absolutely indispensable if you are looking for traces on trees!

Did you know that Robert Downey Jr will play S H in a new movie?

Do you also want to go for the total detective thing? Go for this?
Or this? For me the choice is clear:) This!!!

PS. Please email me if you know anything about creatures eating trees. Or if you have heard or seen something strange lately. The blue piece of rope in the last pic is not a trace nor a clue. I think.