Think the eyes need green these days. A small garden summation after this summer: The white poppy named Fluffy Ruffles showed up once more (pic 1). Aubergine (pic 2) developed nice pink flowers but unfortunately no fruits this summer. My favourite amongst green eatable things is the Portulak, Portulaca Oleracea (pic 4). Cauliflower (pic 5) is truly a good thing for your gardening self-confidence:) To see something as complexed as the cauliflower grow (and it is not difficult!) makes you happy and proud. By the way, cabbage is a hit! Borecole and red cabbage, raw in salad, woked, cooked and so on. And you can go out pick some cabbage leafs under the snow blanket in winter! Runåbergs Fröer (pic 6) has this irresisteble catalogue. Other nice things from the garden (pic 7) is the sweet cucumber Miniature White, the yellow bean and the Early Nantes carrot. Garden geekiness is over for this time. Definitely time for some indoor work!