Illustrations for a food magazine (Mersmak, Coop) for which I have been working for 2 years. I like it the best when I have maximum of freedom to make my own interpretation of the leader text. Process is always the same: Read text over and over, put it away, take my notebook for a quick walk, try to think without limits. Sometimes it takes more than a walk to come up with an idea. Sometimes it takes a walk, ten cups of coffee, a lunch in deathly silence, a trip with the car to pick up children, dinnermaking in deathly silence, putting kids to bed, watching TV with pen and a bunch of depressingly empty paper, toothbrushing. And maybe there, by the basin, when I finally give up the effort of coming up with something I suddenly know what to draw.
Or I don´t.

Have a peaceful weekend!

Texts from the top: Pic 1; Name in the tattoo is both a name of a swedish apple type and a womans name. Pic 2; Cod says: I feel so lonely. Pic 3; Fast food? Moi? Pic 4; Sand cake? Tarte Tatin. Pic 5; Eating alone? Pic 6; Here comes the food, kids. Guess what it is? Pic 7; What will we have to the Béarnaise sauce today, dad?

I like to know about the process behind the picture. So do you? Visit Process Recess. Created by James Jean.