After this long and cold winter the hens and the rooster are happily exploring spring. They hardly have time to eat before they race out in the garden. They take long strolls in the cow pen, and follow me around when working in the plots. The very first day of spring, Babs (the only remaining bantam hen, mid pic) suddenly decided to give that brooding thing a try. After a week she suddenly got tired of lying in the clutch, without eating or drinking, and stepped out to join the others in the sun. But after just a couple of minutes she was hunted back in again, and since that moment she has stayed flat on the eggs. 
Will there be chickens, we are all wondering? I'll keep you updated. 

Elvis, in the first pic, is tame as a kitten. Loves to lie in the sofa, loves being cuddled with. When stroked under the beak she closes her eyes and purrs...