1. My bag. I'm that kind of person who spend a big part of life standing on my head in dark and distant nooks of my handbag, looking for things I can't find. I'm always carrying around too many things and I'm happy to (still) have a back I can trust. This is what I found during the last handbag excavation: 2. Bracelet made by one of my sons + flea market brooch. 3. A pair of shoes. 4. Cap and gloves. (Weather is unpredictable.) 5. Porcelain plait (on its way back to my mother-in-law.) 6. Bread. (Some time ago I found half a loaf in the bottom of my bag. Covered with mould, of course, but the children, who wanted to feed the ducks at that moment, were happy.) 7. The best book about Kerala. (Got it back from a friend last week. Forgot to take it out.) 8. Make-up stuff. 9. Purse. (My favourite model, the same as amusement park workers use when selling tickets.) 10. Specs, key and other small things. 11. Note books, memory stick. 12. Charging cables. 13. My 11-inch Mac. I have never loved A THING as much as I love this computer. Carrying it with me all the time. Use it on busses, trains, cafes... 14. A rhyme dictionary. 15. A mortar.
And two links! Jonas Peterson, wedding photographer (found via a friend. Thank you A!) Watch his portfolio! (Slideshow, Andy & Cecilia, Swedish wedding)
Filmarkivet, hundra år i rörliga bilder. (Förnuftig fritid. Sandviken 1946.)