Next week will be... FOLK ART WEEK! And I have so much to show you, so many beautiful paintings, drawings and sculptures made by self-taught artists. See you on Monday.

(The Trapeze Toy is made by Earl Eyman, and the watercolor lady is painted by Mary Ann Willson. More of their work next week.)

And this weekend (1st-2nd May, 11 a.m to 18 p.m) there will be a small exhibition in Magasinet here in Mörtfors. It´s a part of the two day long eART22, exhibitions and studio visits along the E 22. Erik Heybroek, Christina Lokrantz and I will be showing some work.
(Vi kommer att turas om att vara på plats. Varmt välkommen om du har vägarna förbi!!)

My book TÄNK OM... (WHAT IF...) landed in the shops yesterday. And is available in my webshop. Och så finns den på Adlibris och Bokus. Förstås.