Since moving to the countryside I´m often in the mood for baking bread. The book Annas mat by Anna Bergenström is my favourite for both baking and cooking. You can´t find it in the shops any longer, except from here, I think. This Everyday Bread-recipe is the best! It´s so easy, you don´t work the dough more than in the bowl and the bread tastes perfect. I bake it twice a week, I double the ingredients and I often make French rolls by putting the dough on the baking-plate using two spoons.

EVERYDAY BREAD (doubled from the book)
1 paket jäst/1 parcel of yeast
2 tsk salt/2 teaspoons of salt
1-2 msk honung/1-2 tablespoons of honey
8 dl ljummet vatten/8 deciliter of tepid water
mjöl tills degen är lagom fast/flour (about 16-18 deciliter)
Jag blandar olika mjölsorter och häller i t ex linfrön eller solrosfrön efter humör/ I mix different kinds of flour and ad linseed or sunflower seeds depending on my mood and what is in the spence.

Mix yeast, salt and honey. Add some tepid water, stir and add the rest of the water. Add flour. Mix the dough, cover the bowl and let it stand for 1 - 2 hours. Share the dough into two and just tip the dough over to a surface and let it stand for 20 min. Bake it off in an owen at 250°C (480°F) for 15 min, lower the temp to 125°C (250°F) and bake the bread ready for 40-45 min. Or use two spoons to make small breads directly to the surface, bake off but for shorter time than above.

Breadbaking on a higher level, Pain de Martin.